Automatic labelling

during clipping 

The labelling systems ES 5000 (printing and labelling) and ES 4000 (printing and labelling) a label with the current day’s production data is attached to the product during clipping, tamper-proof. 
This provides exact marking and batch-tracing at any time. The labels, blank or pre-printed with customer logo or as decorative label with individual print are abrasion-resistant and boil-proof – no ink smearing.



All advantages at a glance –
Labelling during clipping

  • Printing and labelling ES 5000
  • Printing and labelling ES 4000
  • Plain text for consumers:
    • Best before data
    • Production data
    • Batch/Lot-No.
    • Company-Code
    • Quantity/weight
    • Product details
  • Abrasion-resistant and boil-proof: no ink smearing
  • Pre-printed labels (customer logo)
  • Exact batch tracing
  • Tamper-proof labelling