The safety loop system

As individual as your products

The SAFE-SEAL safety loop system has developed a special safety knot that has undergone complete and consistent quality assurance procedures. The loops are removed from the transport tape properly during clipping and the looped product can be easily placed onto the smoke stick for hanging. Poly-clip System with SAFE-SEAL guarantees maximum holding and bearing force for your products. 



Widest range

The greatest offer of clips and loops assures the smooth running of your production. The manifold combination of colours, twisted in one, two or three colours offers easy distinction from competition. As individual as your product.

  • To hang up sausages for
    - the smokehouse
    - transport on a smoking trolley
    - presentation in the shop
  • Reliable holding force for products up
    to 19 kg (4 threads)
  • Loops available twisted in one, two or three colours
  • Loop reel made of industrial plastic