clip-tube® gives "tube" packagings a new definition

The winner of the German Packaging Award in the category „Sales Packaging 2012“ convinces through competitive advantages.

Re-sealable, reduced waste, and even more cost-efficient than tubes and cartridges – these are the decisive advantages of the new packaging solution clip-tube®. clip-tube® is a tubular bag with two clip closures accompanied by shoulder piece, nozzles and closure system. It is easily squeezed out by hand, and it is thus particularly suitable for portioning and attractively presenting pasty and spreadable foods, such as liver sausage, hot processed cheese, jam or ketchup.

When it comes to the many possible uses of clip-tube® - in catering or at home - creativity knows no bounds and no limitations due to the longer shelf-life. It was not for nothing that it won the renowned German Packaging Award in the category “Sales Packaging 2012” straightaway.
With the new packaging type clip-tube® Poly-clip System is providing a new definition of the tube. On the one hand, the clip-tube® ensures simple squeezing without entry of air during the emptying process, and, on the other hand, the use of flexible films as tube body achieves a high degree of emptying with little residues of packaging means. Whether pointed or flat - the extrusion nozzle ensures exact metering of the content and its cylindrical shape is very space-saving.

Because of its sales-boosting effect in the shelf and its high individualisation potential, clip-tube® offers an interesting perspective for the future for many companies. With this new type of packaging Poly-clip System succeeded in fulfilling all requirements to be met by an intelligent and modern packaging solution. Clever packaging is more in demand than ever, because today we have to use our resources economically in order to produce cost-efficient and safe hygienic packagings and provide our customers with products which are extremely advantageous to use, save space and are friendly to the environment.

Advantages with future perspective
The clip-tube® can be produced in pack sizes from 50 ml with diameters ranging from 18 mm to 50 mm, offering decisive advantages over conventional tubes:
The package is pleasant to the touch and easy to squeeze. After each extrusion the material tension of conventional tubes sucks in air which could react with the content – this does not happen with clip-tube®. A conventional tube is rarely emptied completely – the soft film of the clip-tube® provides a simpler and better solution enabling the entire contents to be used up completely. Compared to conventional conical tubes, the cylindrical shape of the package permits a higher packing density in the box in only one work step. The package requires less space in the rack because a Euro hanger can be attached which permits the packages to be suspended for presentation, even in refrigerated counters. The clip-tube® improves visibility in the rack and differentiation from competition products.

Variety is trump - from liver sausage to ketchup
Whether in the catering sector or for household use – the resealable clip-tube is suitable for all spreadable foods like liver sausage, fish pates, processed cheese with herbage, processed cheese and jam, all sorts of meat paste, mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard. Advantages like the pointed extrusion nozzle make it the optimum packaging unit for easy positioning, decorating and appealing presentation. Due to its economical packaging, it is a cost-effective packaging alternative.  The numerous, different designs of  screw cap and extrusion nozzle are individual adjust to the product and application.

How is the clip-tube® produced?
The Automatic Sealing/Clipping-machine TSCA with hydraulic dosing pump HDP and the CBS Cap Bonding System form a fully-automatic packaging line for clip-tube®. A threaded end piece is adhesively attached to a tubular bag clipped on each end (clip-pak®). With its modular design, the CBS permits attachment of various components for each work station, e.g. extrusion nozzles, closure caps or caps with Euro hanger. For this, up to eight work stations are operated using an electrically-driven rotary disc. Oscillating bowl feeders guarantee that every single component is positioned correctly, which offers continuous production. A central, movable display ensures reliable controlling of all production processes. For data logging, remote maintenance and diagnoses, there is an Ethernet interface. The CBS is easy to convert. By simply exchanging the collet, the machine can quickly be adapted to various product diameters and lengths. Corrosion-free materials and integrated safety covers guarantee maximum safety and hygiene.

The clip-tube® won the renowned German Packaging Award 2012
In the category Sales Packages, Poly-clip System won the renowned German Packaging Award 2012 with its new and clever packaging solution, clip-tube®. Each year, the independent expert panel awards a prize for innovative, trend-setting packaging ideas. In a transparent, performance-based competition, the winners are determined and awarded under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Poly-clip System is the worldwide leader in clip system solutions.

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