5 May 2023

Experience FCA 100 Green Series at interpack 2023

FCA 100 Green Series

Poly clip-System presents the FCA 100 at interpack 2023, as part of the energy-saving Green Series and the TSCA 160 with the innovative DUO printer technology

Poly-clip System is demonstrating its product diversity and innovative strength at this year's interpack by presenting our economical and sustainable
clip system solutions.

As a provider of sustainable packaging technologies, we strive to make our customers more successful in their daily competition and to improve the carbon footprint at the same time. Therefore, we have further developed our FCA machine range and call it “Green Series”. These feature the latest energy-saving technologies for clip machines.

The FCA 100 Green Series exhibited at interpack impresses with 5% less energy consumption in normal operation, 7% less energy consumption with intelligent lubrication, as well as 9% less energy consumption and up to 10% more output, when run with IFC interface. Furthermore, the FCA 100 convinces with its high speed of up to 186 cycles per minute, for small and medium calibers, as well as with short downtime for casing change and maintenance with higher safety. Another customer benefit is the fully hygienic conveyor belt, which can be removed with one handle and ensures optimum cleaning. Complementing this, the robust stainless steel hygienic design ensures maximum reliability and a long service life.

As a further highlight at this year's interpack, Poly-clip System will be presenting the TSCA 160 automatic sealing/clipping machine with the innovative DUO printer technology. The new clip system solution enables flexible two-color product labeling while offering significant cost advantages compared to a conventional packaging line.

The TSCA 160 automatic sealing/clipping machine processes flat film from the roll into ready-to-fill, securely clipped tubular bag - known as clip-pak®.
For technical products, it can save over 90% packaging material compared to disposable cartridges and reduce packaging costs by around 30%.
The sustainable and innovative clip-pak® packaging solution ensures a long shelf life and demonstrably contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Thanks to the many advantages of the TSCA 160 with integrated DUO printer, packaging costs can thus be reduced in the long term. Compared with the cost of a packaging line with labeling system, the new packaging solution pays for itself in less than two years!

clip-pak® our innovative, economical and sustainable packaging solution. Big ideas often seem very simple, a clip-pak® is a tubular bag that is closed at both ends with a clip basically a sausage. The result is a secure and cost-effective package that ensures tamper-evident sealing due to the clip closure. Depending on the product, it is even possible to seal the clip up to bacteria-proof when using plastic casings or aluminum composite films with the R-ID clip series.

The packaging with the clip is extremely space-saving and environmentally friendly (up to 81% less CO2 footprint compared to other packaging solutions),
it achieves a high degree of emptying and leaves behind little packaging waste. clip-pak® is the perfect packaging for a wide variety of contents.

All liquid, pasty and highly viscous products can be packed into a clip-pak® using a pump system with a clipping machine.

Experience maximum benefits virtually – in order to demonstrate the high-quality clip solutions even more vividly to visitors at the trade show booth,

the TSCA 65 D sealing/clipping machine will be presented in virtual reality at this year's interpack.

Poly-clip System is the world's largest supplier of sustainable clip closure solutions and is described as the global market leader and hidden champion in this segment in the food industry and packaging sector. The group maintains 29 sales companies. In addition, there are sales partners in almost every country in the world. Poly-clip System's clip closure solutions are not only convincing in the meat processing industry and the butcher's trade, but also in numerous other sectors, such as the chemical industry.

Poly-clip System has been awarded the PRIMAKLIMA seal as a climate-neutral production site since 2022 - for more information on the PRIMAKLIMA seal, click on the following link .

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