Clipping/Hanging Machine

  • FCHS 80 – Clipping/Hanging Machine – Save up to 20 %
  • FCHS 80 - Detail
  • FCHS 80 – Clipping/Hanging Machine – Save up to 20 %
  • FCHS 80 - Detail

Save up to 20 %

Machine combination for clipping with simultaneous looping and automatic hanging and positioning on the smoke stick
Efficiency increase for smaller and medium production volumes
Very easy coupling
Calibre range 38 – 65 mm, and up to 105 mm when used as single machine


The clipping/hanging machine efficiently combines four processes in an efficient way which saves on manpower: clipping with simultaneous looping, hanging and placing on the smoke stick. The looped products are thus continuously hung and positioned on the smoke stick. The FCHS 80 processes up to 40 loops per minute. The combination offers high flexibility in production; with some manual intervention it is uncoupled and the FCA can also be operated stand-alone for large calibres and rings. Request Info
  • Productivity increase from 15 to 20 % with possible cost-saving of one worker through continuous automatic operation
  • FCA with special separator factory-optimised for the FCHS 80
  • Automatic looper GSA 20
  • Smoke sticks suitable for automation are used
  • Additional adjustment of products centred on the smoke stick
  • Telescopic conveyor 
  • Simple technology
  • End of loops sensor 
  • Control via controller board; drive via servo frequency converter
  • Stick length 800 to 1,000 mm
  • Single weight per loop from 0.2 to max. 1.5 kg, maximum stick load 15 kg
  • Product length chains including loop up to 650 mm, single chubs up to 500 mm (depending on calibre)
  • Number of loops per stick between 6 and 20 pieces, depending from calibre
  • Smoke stick magazine, manual single front loading, buffer for approx. 30 sticks
  • Discharge buffer for 6 loaded sticks
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel for fast and thorough cleaning
  • Maintenance- and service-friendly with few wear parts
  • CE-compliant construction and design
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  • Conveyor extension for standalone operation in combination with work table on rolls, to be coupled to the automatic double-clipper
  • String dispenser for rings in combination with stand-alone option
  • End of casing sensor
  • Brake assistant – semi-automatic casing brake holder for fastest reloading of casings
  • Pneumatic casing brake (dry sausage brake)
  • Twin-turret with swivel horns
  • Filler coupling with ball joint
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The clipping/hanging machine FCHS 80 combines a modified FCA 80 and a hanging unit. The portions are closed with clips and simultaneously looped. A special finger takes the loop directly from the separating area of the FCA 80 and automatically places the product on the smoke stick. When the stick is full, it is moved to the discharge buffer, while another empty one is positioned for further loading. The automatic product hanging allows continuous, uninterrupted production. Request Info

ES 5000

Labelling system for identification and tracing

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We provide clips with the system

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