In the eyes of the global food industry the group of companies, to which Poly-clip System belongs, have a solid reputation for innovation, reliability and safety, and the actions and behavior of every single staff member make a vital contribution to this. Respect for and compliance with the law and regulatory requirements and with our own internal rules (compliance) have been important in building the confidence that our customers, suppliers and business partners now show in our group of companies.

The Code of Conduct sets out the general requirements, criteria and orientation for our everyday work and therefore helps to enhance our corporate image. It applies worldwide to all Poly-clip System employees and representatives as well as to all affiliated undertakings and to all individuals acting on behalf of any group company or companies as consultants or agents. Together, we are committed to a policy of respect for the law and regulatory requirements and emphatically repudiate any form of conduct that is illegal or interferes with competition.

In cases where legislation or regulations in force in individual jurisdictions outside Germany contain different or more stringent requirements, these requirements must also be taken into account by the companies, their management and staff in the countries concerned. This Code of Conduct is supplemented by guidelines containing specific recommendations for measures to be taken in individual business sectors and situations, such as the Guidelines for Sales Agent Agreements or the Management Guidelines on Commissions.