FCHL 160

Grapadora/colgadora automática

  • FCHL 160 – Grapadora/colgadora automática – Aumento de la productividad en 25 %
  • FCHL 160 - Detail
  • FCHL 160 – Grapadora/colgadora automática – Aumento de la productividad en 25 %
  • FCHL 160 - Detail

Aumento de la productividad en 25 %

Máquina “todo en uno” – grapado automático con colocación de cordeles, cuelgue y posicionamiento en la barra de ahumado simultáneos
Aumento de la eficiencia gracias a la gran reducción de mano de obra y al mayor rendimiento de la línea de llenado
Carga de barras de ahumado ideal para un uso optimizado de las capacidades de ahumado y cocción de la planta
Rango de calibres 38 – 100 mm

FCHL 160

The FCHL 160, automatic double-clipper with integrated hanging line, efficiently combines four processes in a way which saves on manpower: clipping with simultaneous looping, hanging the loop and positioning on the smoke stick. This ensures continuous production at up to 85 loops per minute and therefore an increased output rate. The precise positioning allows a higher loading density and thus an optimal utilization of the smoke sticks as well as the smoking or cooking capacity.
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  • Output increase by up to 25 % and at the same time cost savings of up to 37 % on man  - power as a result of the automatic, continuous loading of smoke sticks
  • High production reliability
  • Twin-turret with swivel horns
  • Automatic looper GSA 20
  • Product setting
  • Central lubrication for maximum service life
  • PC control; product parameters are retrievable from recipe management
  • Simple machine operation with the SAFETY TOUCH 
  • Smooth production start-up after coupling to the filler
  • Metal or plastic smoke sticks suitable for automation at up to 34 mm are used
  • Stick length from 800 to 1,250 mm
  • Maximum single weight per loop 3.5 kg, minimum weight 0.2 kg (depending on the process)
  • Length of single chubs up to 650 mm, length of chains up to 850 mm including loop
  • Manual stick feed up to 25 empty sticks, front loading
  • Number of loops per stick (logs or chains) between 6 and 24 pieces, depending from stick length and calibre
  • Number and position of loops per stick retrievable from recipe management
  • Discharge buffer for 6 – 12 loaded sticks, depending on the calibre 
  • Robust and compact design for constant load
  • Clip head is stationary, special position for maintenance work
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel for fast and thorough cleaning, large maintenance access flaps, inclined surfaces
  • Maintenance- and service-friendly with few wear parts
  • Highly dynamic, powerful servo drive
  • CE-compliant construction and design
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  • Aluminium spindle
  • Discharge buffer for automatic removal with ASL-R
  • GSA comfort slide-out
  • End of loops sensor
  • Smoke stick magazine, manual stick feed, rear-loading
  • Loop setting for precise positioning at high speed
  • Automatic product setting, parameters retrievable from recipe management
  • Sanitary catch bin
  • CIP system for machine spindle and conveyor
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) Interface on request
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While the portion is closed with clips and the loop is set, a special finger takes the product loop directly from the separating area of the clipping machine and positions the product automatically on the smoke stick. When the stick is full, it is moved to the discharge buffer, while another empty stick is positioned for further loading. Meanwhile, the production is running continuously. Solicitar información


maximum efficiency thanks to robot-controlled, fully-automatic discharge of filled sticks and positioning in the smoke trolley with the ASL-R at a rate of 7 sticks per minute. The combination of FCHL 160 with ASL-R increases the output rate once again by up to 10 % with additional reduction of the manpower requirement by up to 40 %.

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Ofrecemos grapas con sistema

Las grapas originales de Poly-clip System garantizan máxima calidad y seguridad. Cuentan con revestimiento SAFE-COAT y están certificadas por el SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. La oferta más grande de grapas y cordeles, su rápida disponibilidad y una organización de asistencia cualificada en todo el mundo le aseguran una producción sin problemas. Confíe en la grapa SAFE-COAT. Apueste por lo seguro.

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