Automatic Double-Clipper

  • ICA XL – Automatic Double-Clipper – XL spice and calibre
  • ICA XL - Detail
  • ICA XL - Detail
  • ICA XL – Automatic Double-Clipper – XL spice and calibre
  • ICA XL - Detail
  • ICA XL - Detail

XL spice and calibre

Идеально подходит для калибров от 130 до 250 мм
Особенно подходит для работы с оболочками, покрытыми приправами с внутренней стороны
До 60 тактов в минуту в непрерывном режиме
Фаршевытеснитель оптимизирован  для XL калибров


The ICA XL is the ideal clipping machine for long straight sausages and moulded products up to a calibre of 250 mm. Fibrous, collagen, textile and plastic casings, and particularly internally coated spice casings (functional casings), can all be processed. For moulded hams and similar products the ICA XL may optionally be fitted with a slack fill device. Запрос информации
  • Secure, casing-friendly closure of internally coated spice casings (multilayer casings) using special clips on spools with adapted clip profile
  • Patented iris separator
  • Product true to calibre as conveyor speed is programmable and infinitely variable
  • Simple machine operation with SAFETY TOUCH – shockproof, 10” large and easy to clean
  • Product parameters can be recalled from the SAFETY TOUCH program memory (recipe management)
  • Additional safety thanks to two-handed triggering of first clip
  • Many other advantages of the tried-and-tested ICA series
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  • Consumption-oriented central lubrication for maximum reliability and service life
  • Air-free slack filling of moulded products by overspreading of up to 300 mm, with servo control, adjustable and programmable as product parameters
  • GSA 20 automatic looper
  • Casing end switch
  • S-Clip spool – 1,300 sausages without reloading
  • Filling horns diameter 24, 28, 36, 48, 60, 70, 76, 80, 85 and 100 mm
  • Servo-supported clip pressure setting, e.g. for sensitive fibrous casings, can be stored as product parameter
  • Filler- or length portioning
  • Telescope conveyor belt 1.3 m long
  • Roller extension for conveyor for 1.6 m long sausages
  • Automatic adjustment of conveyor belt speed
  • Pneumatic dry sausage brake
  • Second control panel at end of conveyor belt
  • Vacuum system for air-free filling of large calibres
  • Pneumatically movable casing brake holder
  • Net applicator
  • WS Food Standard interface for operating data acquisition
  • Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) interface on request
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ES 5000 – labelling system for labelling and traceability

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