Полуавтомат одинарного клипсования

  • SFC – Полуавтомат одинарного клипсования – Для предварительно закрытых оболочек
  • SFC - Detail
  • SFC – Полуавтомат одинарного клипсования – Для предварительно закрытых оболочек
  • SFC - Detail

Для предварительно закрытых оболочек

Для клипсования отдельных батонов в односторонне заклипсованные, предварительно заготовленные рукава оболочки калибром от 50 до 160 мм
Плотная набивка для равномерного созревания
Для любых искусственных и текстильных оболочек
Электронное управление


The Semi-automatic Single-Clip Machine SFC securely closes pre-tied casings up to a calibre of 160 mm. It processes all plastic, fibrous, textile, hukki and collagen casings – even seasonal special shapes and sewn casings, with up to 30 cycles per minute. The SFC is also suitable for production of extremely long sausages.

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  • Centrically closing separator for short sausage shoulders
  • Short filling horns, no smear
  • Simple, quick change of clip head
  • Safety casing brake with hand guard; operation without casing brake is blocked
  • Safety due to two-handed triggering of automatic operation
  • Discharge tray in hygienic design from stainless steel, smooth with rounded embossments, in lengths of 1,000 or 1,300 mm
  • Product ejection by discharge tray to the front
  • Easy manoeuvring due to long, stable frame
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  • Servo-controlled turret with three filling horns
  • Precise filling positioning at maximum speed
  • Wear-free drive
  • Hygienically tight turret
  • Casing holder fixes the pretied casing on the filling horn
  • Shirring and filling simultaneously for continuously high output rate
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  • Smooth, oblique surfaces made of stainless steel and industrial grade plastic for optimum hygiene
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  • Single horn or triple turret version
  • S-clips on spool
  • Telescopic conveyor belt 1,300 mm – conveyor belt speed continuously adjustable
  • Telescopic conveyor belt extension to 1,500 mm
  • Special discharge for small sewn sachets (Pepper Snacks) and clip heads for S 7xx clips, also as S-clips on spool
  • Product suck-back pump for soft, liquid products
  • Automatic looper GSA 20
  • Portioning or length filling
  • Ball joint filler connection
  • WS Food Standard interface for operational data acquisition
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The clipping machine SFC is connected mechanically and synchronized electrically to a filling machine. In the single horn version, the filling/clipping operation is triggered automatically on pivoting the filling horn into the safety casing brake. Subsequently, the filling horn swings off automatically, and another casing can be drawn on. In the case of the triple turret, the operator draws the casing onto the filling horn, which has been pivoted to the front, and a portion is simultaneously filled and clipped. The turret automatically rotates the filling horn further.

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Клипсы S: S 840, S 844, S 848

Петли: GS 20 X RE, GS 20 X RE K15


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