Safe through troubled times

Our precautionary measures regarding Corona

Dear Business Partner,

Our customers always come first in all of our considerations.
Fukushima has already shown us how completely unexpected problems can arise out of the blue. To ensure that you can rely on us at all times, we put into operation a clips and loops production in Austria already years ago, which is a mirror of our factory in Germany. This two-pronged strategy costs money, but offers our customers the necessary security of supply. These days it is becoming clear how correct this decision was.

We, family entrepreneur and management, took a number of measures very early on after the first bad news from China, with the aim of securely supplying you with clips and loops, spare parts and machines.
So we increased our raw material warehouse for aluminum to 6 (!) months. Furthermore, we have stocked ourselves so extensively with parts for our machines that we are independent of Chinese suppliers until the end of the year.

Because we also have to fear that infected employees could affect the company, we have distributed the clips and loops standard items you use most frequently to our warehouses worldwide. The same applies to most of the spare parts.
This worldwide decentralization of our warehouses for consumables such as clips and loops as well as spare parts ensures you a maximum of security of supply.

At the same time, with exemplary support from our works council and our clip production staff, we implemented a four-shift operation in which the employees of the individual shifts do not meet and do not use shared toilets. The social rooms were closed and the canteen was reduced to a minimum.

Furthermore, the Spare Parts Department was organized in two shifts. Half of the office staff work from home and after two weeks alternately in the company. The remaining workplaces in the offices have been pulled apart so that the employees can always work at a distance of two meters.

Employees who work across departments received protective equipment such as FFP3 masks. We had already acquired these as a precaution after an exercise for a worst case scenario.
In addition, our employees were trained through information, signs and speeches to dispense with personal contacts and instead to communicate, even between neighboring offices, by telephone or e-mail.

We also purchased and installed disinfectant dispensers and disinfectants on a large scale weeks ago. Employees are also sent to quarantine if the slightest suspicion is suspected, with full payment of wages, even without a medical certificate.

With all these measures, we have so far been able to prevent us from employing corona-infected employees. We certainly also owe that to our employees who deal responsibly and prudently with the situation.

With this letter we want to give you the confidence that you can rely on Poly-clip. We are aware of our responsibility to work with you to ensure that the population is supplied with sausages.

Stay healthy and think positive!

Hattersheim a. M., 19 March 2020

Frank Niedecker Joachim Meyrahn