Полуавтомат упаковки clip-tube®

  • CBS – Полуавтомат упаковки clip-tube<sup>®</sup> – Альтернатива тюбику
  • CBS - Detail
  • CBS - Detail
  • CBS - Detail
  • CBS – Полуавтомат упаковки clip-tube<sup>®</sup> – Альтернатива тюбику
  • CBS - Detail
  • CBS - Detail
  • CBS - Detail

Альтернатива тюбику

Автоматическое поэлементное формирование упаковки clip-tube®
Для мини расфасовок от 50 мл и калибров от 18 до 50 мм
Для вязких продуктов и широкого спектра применения


The Cap Bonding System CBS fastens threaded end pieces on to the clip-pak® packaging units, which can be fitted with nozzles and closures. clip-pak®s are tubular packages clipped on each end – a cost-effective packaging solution with minimal use of materials. With its modular set up, the CBS bonds the threaded end piece to the clip-pak® and can screw on several attachments forming a clip-tube®, e.g. end caps, pegboard/Euro hanger caps or extrusion nozzles. The complete system is designed and built to the customer’s specification and adjusted to suit the level of production automation. Запрос информации
Advantages clip-tube®  
  • Particularly suitable for viscous products such as sealants and glues
  • Ideal for the DIY (do-it-yourself) business with small packages starting at 30 ml
  • The packaging can be dispensed manually with no additional device
  • Cost-effective alternative to tubes and less waste
  • Winner of the German Packaging Award 2012
Advantages CBS  
  • Automatic, self-monitoring processes
  • Product variety with a diameter range from 18 to 50 mm
  • Up to eight work stations are possible
  • Electrically driven rotary disc with 16 collets 
  • Conversion to different  product diameters and lengths by quick replacement of the collets
  • Speed adapts automatically to the TSCA 
  • Process reliability, integrated controls monitoring the mounting process 
  • Continuous production – oscillating bowl feeder on stations two through seven ensures attachements are separated and correctly positioned 
  • Central display, movable for reliable process control
  • Simple navigation through easy touch panel 
  • Program management of product-specific parameters
  • Ethernet interface for data logging, remote maintenance and diagnoses
  • Safety and hygiene – through corrosion-free materials and integrated safety covers
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  • Product discharge via conveyor belt
  • Further work stations and oscillating bowl feeders adapted to quantity and application
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PLC controlled and servo driven, the CBS consists of a rotating disc and up to eight work stations. The clip-pak® is conveyed horizontally from the TSCA to the CBS. Each clip-pak®  is then positioned vertically and fixed in the collet. Program controlled, the rotating disc transfers the package to the corresponding work station. At each work station, a single component is attached on to the clip-pak® thus forming a clip-tube®. The modular design allows variable functions on stations three through eight. Запрос информации

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