DCD P 600 N

Машина двойного клипсования

  • DCD P 600 N – Машина двойного клипсования – Специалист по сетке
  • DCD P 600 N - Detail
  • DCD P 600 N – Машина двойного клипсования – Специалист по сетке
  • DCD P 600 N - Detail

Специалист по сетке

Запечатывание в сетку фруктов, овощей, нефасованных продуктов и др.
Подходит в качестве конечной упаковки для металлодетектора
Пластиковые клипсы на бобине
Удобный в обращении

DCD P 600 N

The DCD P 600 N double-clip machine securely closes all nets. The pneumatic machine is also ideal for installation in secured packaging units. Clip-Version P 600 N3
The clip-version P 600 N3 is a special designed and patented plastic clip formed like a trident. Its shape ensures that it pins particularly reliably to all nets. The clip cannot be pulled off the net. Запрос информации
  • Fatigue-free product supply and operation
  • Free view of the working area
  • Separator absolutely gentle to the netting
  • Also suitable for fixing flags and price tags
  • Pneumatic pressure control guarantees gentle net closure
  • High performance at a low price
  • Automatic cut-off knife 
  • Processes high-quality plastic clips – certified safe for use with food by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS
  • Clip and loop manufacture certified in accordance with ISO 22000
  • Hygienic:  
    • made completely of stainless steel and robust industrial plastic
    • smooth surfaces make it easy to clean
    • no external screw
  • Secure stand
  • Extremely easy maintenance
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  • Version with automatic separator for installation in secured units
  • Pressure reducer with filter
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The DCD P 600 N operates pneumatically. By closing the ergonomically shaped separator gate the end of the net and the start of the next packaging unit are securely closed. At the same time, the net can be cut through between the two clips by the press of a button. Запрос информации

Мы предлагаем клипсы с системным подходом

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DCD 600 – Машина двойного клипсования – Миниатюрная классика
DCD 600
Миниатюрная классика