Станция закачивания кислорода

  • OFS – Станция закачивания кислорода – Декоративные рыбки в пакетах
  • OFS - Detail
  • OFS – Станция закачивания кислорода – Декоративные рыбки в пакетах
  • OFS - Detail

Декоративные рыбки в пакетах

Станция закачивания кислорода для безопасной перевозки декоративных рыбок в пакетах
Быстрая, бесперебойная работа
Подходит для транспортировочных пакетов различных материалов и размеров
Опция – упаковка с наложением клипсы, воздухонепроницаемая и гигиеничная


In combination with the horizontal version of a single-clipper, the OFS Oxygen Filling Station is an ideal system for safe closure of transport bags for ornamental fish. Запрос информации
  • Simple, quick and cost-efficient for increased profitability
  • Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and industrial plastic
  • Foot switch for exact oxygen supply
  • Electronic valve technology for oil-free oxygen supply
  • Easy maintenance
  • Only little oxygen loss due to fast closing after oxygen filling
  • Minimization of the risk of film damage due to smooth surfaces of the original clips without ridges
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  • Can be combined with single-clippers in horizontal version
  • Roller conveyor for placing the transport bag at the clipping machine in the appropriate outer packaging – with little effort
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The OFS Oxygen Filling Station is operated electrically, while the clipping machine operates pneumatically. With the system comprising the OFS and a horizontal single-clipper, transport bags for ornamental fish can be filled reliably with oxygen and closed securely and absolutely tight with an aluminium clip. The bag, which is partly filled with water, is held with one hand under the opening of the oxygen hose, while the electronically controlled oxygen supply is activated with a foot switch. The switch is pressed until enough oxygen has been introduced into the transport bag. With the other hand, the gate of the clipping machine is closed, and the clipping process is thus triggered. The hose end is fastened at the clipping machine such that the clip is placed directly under the end of the oxygen hose when the gate is closed. This results in minimum oxygen loss. The transport bag is closed in an absolutely tight manner and guarantees safe transport for many hours. Запрос информации

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