PDC-A 700

Автомат двойного клипсования

  • PDC-A 700 – Автомат двойного клипсования – Универсал
  • PDC-A 700 - Detail
  • PDC-A 700 - Detail
  • PDC-A 700 – Автомат двойного клипсования – Универсал
  • PDC-A 700 - Detail
  • PDC-A 700 - Detail


Полностью автоматический
Быстрый, тихий, удобный в управлении
Широкий спектр применения до калибра 105 мм
Запуск первой клипсы с помощью управления двумя руками

PDC-A 700

The automatic double-clippers of the PDC-A line are suitable for all sizes of operations – for mid-size or large production runs. They reliably close all casings, the PDC-A 600 for fibrous casings up to 65 mm calibre and plastic casings up to 90 mm, and the PDC-A 700 for fibrous casings up to 105 mm and plastic casings of even larger diameter. Using the PDC-A 600 and 700 means that all products – single portions or chains, long sausages, half rings and rings – can be produced efficiently. The PDC-A 600 R was specially developed for sensitive natural casings of calibre 46+ mm, and also for collagen and cellulose casings. It provides secure closure for ring and halfring like bologna, chorizo, black pudding and liver sausage. Запрос информации
  • Fully automated operation for continuous production and high clipping speeds
  • Additional safety by two- handed triggering of the first clip
  • Can be upgraded when needed – modular design
  • Less air consumption for low operating costs
  • Second supply option for the clip stick at a low height for smaller operators 
  • Ergonomic control buttons directly at the filling horn for fast, functional operation:  
    • first clip
    • emulsion supply button
    • automatic operation on/off
  • Electropneumatically controlled
  • Extremely large swivel range of clipping head for easy casing change
  • Very low-noise operation
  • Height and inclination of product tray and roller discharge adjustable without tools
  • Pneumatic cut-off knife
  • Easy machine operation thanks to clearly and functionally arranged control elements for product-specific adjustments:  
    • control for chubs in a chain
    • pre-select for loops and labels
    • pneumatic clip pressure adjustment
    • adjustment of clip closing height and punch delay time
    • adjustment of punch and separator speed
  • Robust and maintenance-friendly design, all units easily accessible
  • Hygienic:  
    • made completely of stainless steel and industrial plastic
    • non-moisture-sensitive
    • easy to clean owing to its smooth inclined surfaces
    • separator area is open toward the bottom for easy cleaning
    • hygiene switch IP69K
  • Space-saving – low depth and V-shaped trolley for optimum positioning under the work table
  • Comfortable height adjustment with filling horn wrench
  • Easy coupling to the filler: trolley for easy transport and fixing with lockable steering wheels
  • The version PDC-A 600 R is equipped with an optimised separator for gentle processing of natural casings
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  • S-clips on spools with pneumatic clip feed
  • Pneumatically operated casing brake holder
  • Automatic looper (GSE)
  • Labelling system ES 4000
  • Automatic string dispenser with bobbin holder for rings
Запрос информации
The PDC-A 600, PDC-A 700 and PDC-A 600 R automatic double-clippers are coupled mechanically and electrically to the filler. Upon closure of the separator, the filled casing is centred while the emulsion is separated, and is securely closed with the double-clipping system. At the same time the casing can be cut off automatically with the pneumatic knife via the function of the chain control. For hanging up the sausages, loops can be applied and clipped automatically with the optional looper GSE. Ergonomically arranged operating elements make the machine easy and comfortable to operate. The pre-set precise weight portion is called up by the filler using the operator buttons directly at the filling horn and is clipped automatically. Запрос информации

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PDC-A 600 – Автомат двойного клипсования – Универсал
PDC-A 600
PDC-A 600 R – Автомат двойного клипсования – Специалист по натуральным оболочкам
PDC-A 600 R
Специалист по натуральным оболочкам
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Профессиональный клипсатор
PDC 700 – Полуавтомат двойного клипсования – Профессиональный клипсатор
PDC 700
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