TSA 160

Термосварочный автомат

  • TSA 160 – Термосварочный автомат – Непрерывная экономия  средств
  • TSA 160 - Detail
  • TSA 160 – Термосварочный автомат – Непрерывная экономия  средств
  • TSA 160 - Detail

Непрерывная экономия средств

Значительное сокращение расходов за счет использования плоской пленки
Непрерывное производство с рулонов пленки до 3.000 м
Комбинация с автоматами двойного клипсования FCA и ICA
Автоматические, самоуправляемые процессы
Для калибров до 160 мм

TSA 160

The automatic sealing machine TSA forms a ready-to-be-filled tube from flat roll stock film which is then directly gathered on the stuffing horn. A variety of sandwich films, mono or coated, may be employed. By means of heat sealing sandwich film is sealed with minimum overlap, band-sealing is also possible. Film rolls hold up to 3,000. Запрос информации
  • Reliably tight film sealing
  • Highest productivity through automatic, self-monitoring processes
  • Simple machine operation with SAFETY TOUCH – shockproof, 10” large and easy to clean
  • SAFETY TOUCH – product parameters can be recalled from the programme memory  (recipe management)
  • Increased productivity due to recognition of film supply end
  • Compact, space-saving design with steerable wheels and feet
  • Stainless steel construction ensures resistance to aggressive cleaning agents
  • Training, handling, maintenance and service simple and user-friendly
  • Easy to clean:  
    • closed system
    • only one part carrying product (stuffing horn)
  • Longer product shelf-life
  • Significant cost reduction through moderately priced flat roll stock film vs. shirred casings  
    • continuous production (reloading of film vs. up to 100 times reloading of casings)
    • optimum use of material due to minimum overlap of film at the seam
    • minimum film wastage
    • less storage area required for input stocks
  • Increased hygiene due to use of flat films vs. watered casings
  • Shortest fitting times for a wide variety of pack sizes due to quickly changeable format set
  • Film and product-specific settings of temperature and sealing speed in the SAFETY TOUCH, progressively adjustable during continuous production
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  • Simple and safe marking of batches during production using continuous printing on flat film with an integral printer, e.g. ink jet, hot stamping, thermal transfer
  • Vacuum system for air-free slack filling of large calibres
  • Tape sealing system to processing of 2-layer films
  • Filling system hybrid
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The TSA becomes a continuous working production line when it is coupled with a stuffer and an automatic clipper. The flat roll stock film is slipped onto a self-locking roll carrier. The roller guide system ensures a constant input tension of the film unwinding. The forming shoulder forms the flat film around the stuffing horn into a tube that is still open. Then the side seam is sealed by heat sealing. An integrated control circuit provides for a steady amount of shirred film for the downstream clipper to allow continuous production. The production process is operator-friendly and can be easily programmed via the central touch panel SAFETY TOUCH. The unit is operated via three membrane keys on the control panel. Запрос информации
The TSA 160 can be coupled with automatic double-clippers from the FCA series or the ICA in combination with a mono pump, a stuffer or a drum press.

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