Sausage & Meat

With our tried-and-tested and innovative clip closure solution clip-pak® we enable you to produce meat-based sausages economically and sustainably. Of course, we are also on hand to provide competent advice.


Our expertise in packaging poultry is second to none. Therefore, we know exactly the challenge of our customers and support them with the right solutions and machines.

Food & Convenience

For all pumpable foods – especially soups, sauces or ready meals – our clip-pak® packaging is the economically correct and sustainable solution.

Vegan & Meat Substitute

For vegetarian and vegan sausage substitutes, Poly-clip System offers numerous economical and sustainable solutions tailored precisely to this sector. In the quality and production efficiency typical of Poly-clip System.

Technical & Non-Food

The highly productive, established and sustainable clip closure solution clip-pak® is suitable for numerous sectors outside the food industry: chemical and pharmaceutical applications, pet food, tobacco or even hygiene products – in fact almost anything that is liquid to highly viscous.