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About us

We are appreciated by our customers for our company philosophy and innovative quality solutions. That is why our products and services are so successful and in demand worldwide.

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More than just clipping

The history of our German family-owned company with headquarters in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt am Main, dates back to 1922. Research and development have been an important driver of our actions since our beginnings – yet always linked with the mission to optimise processes and profitability for our customers. It is therefore no coincidence that, thanks to more than 800 patents, we are a technology leader and a source of inspiration for the entire industry.

This innovative strength has enabled us to establish the "Zipfel", originally developed for the meat processing industry and the butcher's trade, in other food and non-food sectors as well. And the potential for this technology is not yet exhausted in many areas and industries. As the packaging solution with the clip is efficient, safe, sustainable and very economical. And can thus still be an interesting part of your future-oriented progress and success story.

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Excellence in Clipping

Our goal: We make you more successful, more effective and more productive in your daily competition. With outstanding quality, reliability, productivity and service, we want to continue to be your best partner for all areas of clipping. We deliver efficient and innovative solutions that are always adapted to your needs and focus on your benefits.

A network of exclusive distribution partners in more than 145 countries enables us to provide you with comprehensive service. From manual tabletop machines to double clipping machines and automated systems for loading smoke trolleys. Includes all consumables such as clips and loops.

Our unique, highly qualified service organisation supports you worldwide at all times with excellent support and helpfulness. At over 100 trade fairs a year, on our digital platforms and in our extensive range of training courses, you can have an expert exchange directly with our experts.

You see: We are there where you need us. Where you need us, when you need us. Trust the Excellence in Clipping.

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"As a family business, acting responsibly has been part of our identity for generations. We care – whether it's about sustainable, CO2-reduced packaging solutions, food security or fair cooperation."

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Our production sites

Poly-clip System stands not only for innovation, but also for the highest quality "Made in Germany". We produce our machines and consumables in Germany at the Hattersheim am Main and Gedern locations whenever possible.

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Hattersheim a.M.


Niedeckerstraße 1
65795 Hattersheim am Main

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Am Stillhof 6
63688 Gedern

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São Paulo


Rua Dr. Moacyr Antonio de Moraes, 200
07140-285 Taboão - Guarulhos - São Paulo

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