Vegan & Meat Substitute

For vegetarian and vegan sausage substitutes, Poly-clip System offers numerous economical and sustainable solutions tailored precisely to this sector. In the quality and production efficiency typical of Poly-clip System.


Poly-clip System – your technology partner from the start 

Vegan and vegetarian products are now the talk of the town. Whether it's burgers, vegetarian cold cuts or alternatives for dairy products – you can find more and more offers in retail stores and discounters. Poly-clip System has been involved in this development from the very beginning and has closely accompanied its customers. These range from small start-ups to international food corporations. Even if a clip is not always to be found on the products in the trade (e.g. cold cuts), machines from Poly-clip are often involved in the production – "Poly-clip inside!", so to speak.  The sustainability of our clip packaging also comes into play in the form of a low carbon footprint. Because a healthy and environmentally friendly food also needs sustainable packaging!

Individual clip closure solution

We are aware that every product has special requirements. For example, some products expand significantly during the cooking process. That is why our automatic clipping machines offer a overspreading or loose filling. Our competent experts will be happy to advise you on finding the technically suitable and economically most sensible clip closure solution for your needs. Through it all, you can always rely on our decades of experience in developing industry-proven packaging solutions with the clip.


Innovative solutions

By the way, "everything from a single source" is not just a catchphrase to us, we truely live by it. We are at your side as process consultants and support you with a variety of innovative solutions that enable highly efficient, economical production: from manual table machines and double clipping machines to automated systems for smoking trolley loading as well as consumables such as clips, loops and labels.


clip-pak – your advantages at a glance

The clip closure solution offers a multitude of advantages while being cost-effective and sustainable. At Poly-clip System we call this type of packaging clip-pak.

More sustainable than comparable packaging

The use of products packed in clip-pak® results in the minimum packaging material. This is helped by a 100% filling ratio and the use of relatively thin-layered flat films and casings. At the same time, this minimises the transport volume. As the prodct is shaped and packaged in one process step, subsequent processes and the associated ecological costs are saved.

Smaller carbon footprint

A decisive aspect of contemporary packaging solutions is their carbon footprint. clip-pak® impresses here with up to 81% less CO2 compared to other packaging solutions such as thermoformed packaging.

High shelf life of the food

With our R-ID clip series, your product can be sealed up to bacteria-proof when using plastic casings or flat films. Air-free filling with 100% filling level means that it is optimally protected from environmental influences, which results in a long shelf life.

Economic investment in clip-pak® packaging solutions

The cost of a filling line for clip-pak® packaging solutions is comparatively much lower than investment for other forms of packaging. This is because clip-pak® packaging solutions allow the product to be shaped and packaged in a single process step – and do so cost-effectively and hygienically.