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For all pumpable foods – especially soups, sauces or ready meals – our clip-pak® packaging is the economically correct and sustainable solution.


Clip your food

The formula is very simple: what can be pumped, can also be clipped!

All fluid, pasty to highly viscous products can be packaged in a clip-pak® using a pump system with an automatic clipper. Clip closure is also ideally suited to the closing of bags and nets.

We offer you a wide range of innovative solutions, right from manual table top machines through automaticdoubleclippers up to automated systems for smoke trolley loading, as well as the necessary consumables such as clips, loops and labels.


Old tradition, newly interpreted

Filling of soups, sauces and ready meals into tubes has a long tradition. As far back as in the 16th century paste-like soups were filled into natural casings for storing and conserving and were sealed with a string. For a long time this packaging was forgotten. In the food processing industry, this type of packaging is experiencing a renaissance nowadays, significantly helped by Poly-clip System. Of course with modern product advantages such as the consumer-friendly tear-open film (easy-opening).

Typical container sizes in the trade are:

  • Sauces and marinades in 50 g to 500 g (pu)
  • Soups with meat or vegetarian dishes in 200 g to 1,000 g (pu)
  • Vegetable and vegetable/meat-product stews in 400 g to 1,000 g (pu)
  • Meat products in sauces such as “Geschnetzeltes” (thinly sliced meat) and goulash  in 200 g to 1,000 g (pu)
  • Commercial kitchens also use these products in bulk up to 5 kg
Other Food Herb Butter

The limits of clipping are far from being reached

Whether herb butter, mozzarella, soups, marinades, tofu products or mussels, fruit and vegetables: the possible applications of our machines in the food sector are far from exhausted. We help you find the right clip closure solution for your product.

The high quality you have come to expect from our products is also guaranteed here – our "Excellence in Clipping".


clip-pak – your advantages at a glance

The clip closure solution offers a multitude of advantages while being cost-effective and sustainable. At Poly-clip System we call this type of packaging clip-pak.

Cheaper packaging alternative

Compared to cans, the packaging costs for tubular bags are 30% lower and the packaging waste at the consumer is reduced to a minimum. Large-scale storage and a high transport volume as with empty cans are no longer necessary due to space-saving film rolls or plastic casings.

More sustainable than comparable packaging

The use of clip-pak® packaged products results in a minimum of packaging material. This is helped by a 100% filling ratio and the use of relatively thin-layered flat films and casings. At the same time, this minimises the transport volume. As the prodct is shaped and packaged in one process step, subsequent processes and the associated ecological costs are saved.

Smaller carbon footprint

A decisive aspect of contemporary packaging solutions is their carbon footprint. clip-pak® impresses here with up to 81% less CO2 compared to other packaging solutions such as thermoformed packaging.

High shelf life of the food

Via pasteurisation in the packaging, where the product is filled cold as clip-pak® and then pasteurised, a shelf life of 6 to 10 weeks is achievable at a storage temperature of 7°C with unopened packaging.

Longer shelf lives of up to 2 years, as with canned food, are also possible via the clip-pak® process if you opt for sterilisation in an aluminium foil.

High nutritional value of the food

In particular, products with vegetable ingredients such as soups and stews benefit from good nutritional value retention. This is because clip-pak® products are usually pasteurised at temperatures up to 90°C, while canned products are sterilised at 121°C. As a result, they essentially retain their nutritional value, fresh taste and appetising appearance. This is made possible by the frequently used "cook and chill" process. Here, the product is briefly heated to a temperature of around 90°C, filled as a clip-pak® with as little temperature loss as possible and then cooled as quickly as possible in the packaging.

This means that clip-pak® packaging meets the megatrend for "healthy eating" in more ways than one.

Versatile use of your clipping machines

Using clip-pak® packaging for other food products makes you more flexible in your machine utilisation. Especially if you have a small butcher's shop with existing machines and equipment, you can use them to fill soups, sauces and all other suitable food products. Without the need for additional investment.

You can fill most dishes, like sausage products, with the well-known sausage fillers. For particularly sensitive vegetables such as broccoli, flower sprouts or Brussel sprouts, use piston pumps that are gentle on the product. This way you ensure that these products remain chunky in the packaging.