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Our packaging solutions have always been sustainable, material-saving and more CO2-friendly than many alternatives.

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Responsibility has many facets at our company. Learn with our interactive app how extensively the topic of sustainability is integrated here at Poly-clip System.

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clip-pak®. We care! 

Developing innovative, material-saving and CO2-friendly packaging solutions has always been our key competence. Taking responsibility is our aspiration: for our products and employees as well as for a future worth living. This is not something abstract or distant for us, it starts now!

That's why we strive every day to offer our customers even better packaging solutions. In a world where people's consumption habits are continuously changing, it is our solutions that provide manufacturers of viscous products with the contemporary answers: sustainable packaging for food and non-food products. They are better alternatives to tins, plastic cartridges or cups.

"As a family business, acting responsibly has been part of our identity for generations. We care – whether it's about sustainable, CO2-reduced packaging solutions, food security or fair cooperation."
Stefania Niedecker Stefania Niedecker, Head of Academy and Communication
Poly-clip Hattersheim

Climate-friendly packaging solutions, energy efficiency, focus on strong regional supply chains and much more. Sustainable Excellence at Poly-clip System.

Responsible action

For Poly-clip System, responsible action has many facets: from clip-pak, our sustainable packaging solutions, to climate protection and food security, to fair cooperation.

clip-pak®: Sustainable, innovative packaging solutions

Packaging viscous products in the food or non-food sector with clip closure solutions is the sustainable alternative to packaging such as cans, plastic cartridges or cups, which are expensive, energy- and material-intensive.

Clip closure solutions, for example, are significantly more climate-friendly compared to other types of sausage packaging. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT in 2019 to calculate the "carbon footprint" of packaging solutions for various types of sausage packaging. All aspects were taken into account, from the extraction of raw materials such as petroleum to the finished packaging solution, including the disposal of the packaging.

Clip closure solutions emit up to 81% fewer greenhouse gases compared to thermoformed packaging for cold cuts and up to 64% fewer greenhouse gases compared to injection-moulded cups.


Extrapolated to the consumption of cold cuts in Germany, this results in a saving of more than 22,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year, and extrapolated to the entire consumption of spreadable sausages in Germany, a saving of almost 4,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year.

This means that simply by choosing sustainable packaging, the food industry can make a noticeable contribution to climate protection. Poly-clip System is the right partner for this.

By the way, anyone who cares about future-proof solutions also always needs to be one step ahead of its time: More than 800 patents and a share of more than eight percent of our budget invested in R&D underline our position as innovation leader in the industry. Poly-clip System develops modern solutions primarily for food applications that enable more sustainable business and consumption.

CO2 savings: On the road to climate neutrality

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and thus make a concrete contribution to climate protection – for example, through better energy efficiency in our buildings or in the area of mobility, in which we also involve our suppliers and partners.

Energy efficiency:

With almost four times the space, our new corporate headquarters in Hattersheim consumes just one tenth more electricity and around 30.000 kWh less gas compared to the old location (valid as of 2019).



Our employees have saved more than 76% in air kilometres over the last ten years. Wherever reasonable and possible, we use virtual meetings or other means of travel to further reduce climate-intensive flights.


Short transport routes:

In order to minimise long transport and travel distances and the associated CO2 emissions, Poly-clip System works with suppliers and partners from the surrounding area. For 83% of our suppliers, the distances are less than 300 km from our locations in Hattersheim and Gedern, for 38% even less than 100 km.


Food safety: Certified safety beyond legal standards

Food safety is a safety issue for us in the true sense of the word. As the global market leader, we support our customers with innovative products and solutions that enable you to produce food safely at all times.

We care: Poly-clip System goes beyond legal standards and ISO certifications in many places:

  • The unique R-ID clip from Poly-clip System allows bacteria-proof sealing. 
  • The Poly-clip System technology SAFE-COAT allows trouble-free production and, if necessary, unequivocal product liability thanks to a food-safe safety coating. Food safety is certified by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and is checked on a regular basis. 
  • The SAFE-SEAL safety loop system consists of a specially developed loop material, the Poly-clip safety knot and a consistent quality-assurance procedure. On clipping, the loops are released from the transport tape free from residue and can be easily placed on the smoke stick.
  • In order to avoid contamination of plastic parts, we package spare parts in food-grade bags.
  • All the production processes used in Poly-clip System clip and loop manufacture satisfy Halal Professional Instituts (HaPI) requirements.

Fair cooperation

Without the commitment, know-how and expertise of our teams in Hattersheim and Gedern, we certainly would not be the global market leader. As a family business, we see ourselves as having a special responsibility for fair cooperation with our employees and other stakeholders.
Through training and education, we empower our employees to work healthily and safely.The Poly-clip Academy is the heart of our internal further training program. In line with the motto "When the company does well, the employees do well", our employees benefit directly from the company's success through profit-sharing schemes.Information on further additional benefits can be found on our careers page.

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Sustainable packaging with clip closure

This is logical: packaging products for a sustainable lifestyle using the most environmentally-friendly means possible. The clip closure is the best packaging solution for sausage-based goods or other viscose products: it generates up to 81% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to thermoformed packaging.


Blue Competence

With our partnership in the VDMA's Blue Competence sustainability initiative, we have committed ourselves to complying with the sustainability principles of the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

To the VDMA

Innovation for a more sustainable economy

Over 800 patents underline our position as the industry's innovation leader. As such, we develop modern packaging solutions for more sustainable business and consumption.


More climate protection thanks to fewer air kilometres

In 2019, before air traffic collapsed due to the pandemic, our employees saved 76% of their flight kilometres compared to the previous year.


Partners from the region for short transport routes

For 83% of our suppliers, the distances are less than 300 km from our locations in Hattersheim and Gedern, for 38% even less than 100 km.


Energy-efficient, modern location

This is something to be proud of: At our new location in Hattersheim, we consume less than half the electricity per cubic metre of converted space compared to the old location and only about a quarter of the gas.