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Our expertise in packaging poultry is second to none. Therefore, we know exactly the challenge of our customers and support them with the right solutions and machines.

Poultry packaging

Individual process consulting

The requirements for the packaging of poultry are enormous and constantly growing. This starts with the fact that not all poultry is the same and differs fundamentally in its external form.

You will not only get the right process advice from us, the right technical solutions for your individual needs, but also answers to other challenges you have to deal with: Such as the need for high product safety, product traceability and meeting higher requirements.

The variety of end products and increasing production volumes are further challenges you face. We also offer you the appropriate solutions for this.

Poultry packed in machine

With our range of flexible and automated packaging solutions, we provide you with important building blocks for success and enormous rationalisation potential for poultry processing.

Where the packaging of whole birds is concerned, the degree of automation is dependent on the quantities and weights to be packaged.

With Poultrypac® – the system solution consisting of pouch packaging and a clip – we revolutionised the packaging process years ago and continue to improve it. This makes it possible to package poultry and poultry parts efficiently, safely and hygienically.

When referring to the packaging of poultry in bags, we at Poly-clip System always speak of ‘Poultrypac®’. Under this umbrella we offer a wide range of innovative solutions, from manual clipping machines of the Easy Clip Line® to the Automatic Poultry Loader APL, as well as the necessary consumables such as clips, bags and labels.

Poultry APL

Service on top

In doing so, we make your demand for the highest quality and reliability our own. In addition, we offer an outstanding local service in your vicinity worldwide, which you can only get from us in this form. This is and remains our constant challenge: at all times to offer our customers ‘excellence in clipping‘ in everything we do. That is our promise and our daily mission.