With certification of its integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2018, Poly-clip System guarantees its customers regular and independent monitoring of all processes involved in clip and loop manufacture.

To protect the food manufacturers and their customers, manufacture of the original clips and loops is subject to the most stringent quality controls. Poly-clip SAFE-COAT technology, using a food-proof safety coating certified by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, ensures trouble-free production and, where necessary, a no-worry product warranty. In addition, all Poly-clip System clip and loop production processes satisfy the requirements laid down by Halal Certification Germany.

All Poly-clip System machines are provided with CE marking. By applying the CE mark, Poly-clip System guarantees that its products meet all the fundamental requirements of current EU statutory regulations. In addition, Poly-clip System employs the optional DGUV Test symbol. This DGUV Test symbol certifies that Poly-clip System machines satisfy the relevant health and safety requirements. The complete system of clipping machine, clips and loops from one source ensures efficient, trouble-free production. Poly-clip System is the world’s leading provider of clip system solutions.

Our certifications in detail

Here you will find all information and downloads for our certificates.



Poly-clip System puts its trust in quality and hygiene standards. To offer its customers the highest possible quality, particularly from the standpoint of food safety, Poly-clip System has chosen certification of its integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2018. DIN EN ISO 22000 ensures regular and independent monitoring of all clip and loop manufacturing processes and thus guarantees maximum safety for the food manufacturers’ customers. This reliability is a top priority for Poly-clip System.

ISO 22000:2018 is an internationally recognised food safety standard. Since its introduction in 2005, DIN EN ISO 22000 certification has unified and harmonised a large number of national standards to form a single, comprehensive, readily understood standard that is recognised around the world. It ensures that all quality assurance processes conform to international requirements. In terms of its structure and content, ISO 22000:2018 is based on ISO 9001:2015, together with the principles of good manufacturing practice. Instead of simply testing the end product, ISO 22000:2018 intervenes in the preliminary processes. This makes it possible to identify potential risks in good time and to take preventive measures to avoid or eliminate them. At Poly-clip System the risks of product contamination are continuously assessed and evaluated on the basis of an FMEA.

Aims of the ISO 22000 Standard:

  • Increased food safety at all stages of the production and supply chain. That is, an increase in product safety and an associated fall in the product warranty risks
  • Creation of a uniform, globally recognised testing framework for food management systems to strengthen customer- and consumer confidence
Poly certificate SGS Institut Fresenius


The clip should be completely free from drawing oils and grease, that is to say food-proof in accordance with the food regulations. Poly-clip System has therefore developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM. The food-proof SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene. Poly-clip System has this product feature regularly monitored by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

At the core of the certification process is the testing for safety in accordance with food regulations. All clips and loops from Poly-clip System are tested in accordance with LFGB/BedGgstV (German Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code/German Consumer Goods Ordinance) and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, EU Regulation No. 10/2011 and have been awarded the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal. Poly-clip System was the first company in clip closure technology that had such certification carried out. All clip products (R-ID Clip, R-Clip, S-Clip P-Clip) and the loops carry the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal and are regularly controlled by SGS.

Quality seal for Poly-clip System

The criteria for award of the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal are demanding. Both the product and the raw materials used have to undergo rigorous basic testing. This checks compliance with both statutory regulations and additional requirements laid down by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. Inspection of the raw materials for freedom from residues also occurs, as well as analytical testing for such things as colour fastness and freedom from heavy metals. In addition to our own quality assurance, during the contract period unannounced inspections take place both on the premises and on the market, which independently ensure a high level of quality on a continuous basis. Poly-clip System production facilities are also audited. Poly-clip System clips and loops can therefore be used safely in contact with food for the applications tested.



All the production processes used in Poly-clip System clip and loop manufacture satisfy Halal Professional Instituts (HaPI) requirements. With the Halal certificate, the company guarantees its customers that it has all the necessary procedures and systems in place for establishing whether the manufacture of clips from aluminium, and plastic loops, complies with the relevant Islamic rules. A Muslim authority and a Muslim auditor check the compliance of the factory with the audit guidelines. Samples are taken from products requiring certification and then tested in an independent, accredited laboratory using the very latest PCR-DNA analysis to ensure that they do not contain any substances prohibited under Islamic Sharia. The certificate is renewed annually. During the period of validity of the Halal certificate, unannounced inspections take place. The certificate issued by Halal Professional Instituts (HaPI) in Quakenbrück is first required before the SGS Halal certificate can be issued.

The Halal certification process

Grafik: Halal certification process

What does ‘Halal’ mean?

The word ‘Halal’ comes from Arabic and may be translated as ‘allowed‘ or ‘permissible‘. When applied to food, this means that Islamic rules have been adhered to during its manufacture and that no prohibited substances have come into contact with the food or are contained in it. Thanks to this certificate, our customers may rest assured that their products remain Halal-compliant.


Poly certificate CE Kennzeichnung


What does the CE mark mean?

CE marking is the primary indicator of compliance of a product with current EU regulations and ensures the free movement of goods within the European market. By applying the CE mark, the manufacturer guarantees that its product meets all the statutory requirements relating to CE marking, so that the product may be sold within the European Economic Area. CE marking is only prescribed for certain product categories. CE marking is obligatory in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive, which states that a manufacturer must have satisfied itself that its product meets all current fundamental requirements, such as the health and safety provisions, of the relevant guidelines and that the product has undergone the prescribed conformity evaluation procedure. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to carry out conformity testing, to put together the accompanying technical documentation, to complete an EU Declaration of Conformity and to apply the CE mark to the product. All Poly-clip System machines carry the CE mark.

Poly certificate DGUV Test



The DGUV Test symbol certifies that machines from Poly-clip System meet the relevant health and safety requirements. The DGUV Test symbol is a voluntary test symbol first introduced in 1984, when it was known as the BG symbol. In addition to (type) testing, production control is an essential component of the certification programme. The awarding authority is DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance). A certificate conferring use of the DGUV Test symbol remains valid for a maximum of five years. In this way, the currency of the symbol and thus the consistency of safety-related requirements, is ensured. Every DGUV Test symbol contains the shortened form of the testing and certification authority awarding the DGUV Test symbol, along with the relevant certificate number.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

Our machines, consumables and services meet the highest standards. This is promised not only by numerous certifications, but above all by our own claim: Excellence in Clipping. In this way, we guarantee you the reliability and dependability that you can expect for your production. We ship spare parts worldwide within the shortest possible time, quickly and without complications. If necessary, our technical service is on the spot via the fastest route.