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Poly-clip System offers you practical and professional training, the content of which is tailored to your personal needs and the respective machine.

Machine training on location

Practical and professional

Poly-clip System offers you and your employees practical and professional training, and the content is tailored to your personal needs and the respective machine. The trainings are conducted by a qualified trainer in German, English or in the local language (with an interpreter).

The training content is targeted at technical personnel and deals with how the machine works, machine settings and options for working with the machine. Repairs of wear and tear and maintenance jobs are explained and carried out with examples.

Benefit from our know-how and the "everything from a single source" philosophy. Contact us and become part of our Poly-clip training courses.

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Training pays off: Personally on site and digitally worldwide

Take advantage of our comprehensive training programme, precisely tailored to your needs.

Your investment in training pays off for you several times over – through qualified, motivated employees, lower costs and more efficient, economical operation.

Training at Poly-clip System is not just about dry theory, but also involves specific practical work – and under the best conditions. In line with our philosophy: to get ahead through further training.

We have developed an independent, digital training platform for this purpose: the Poly-clip Academy. This enables us to experience and learn "Excellence in Clipping" in an interactive and structured way worldwide.