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Excellence in Clipping: The combination of our high-quality machine solutions and the perfectly adapted consumables are the guarantee for your commercial success.

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Could you guess how much expertise goes into seemingly simple items like clips or loops? We'd be happy to show you with our hands-on interactive app. Have fun discovering!

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poly product clips


So that your products are not put at risk, the clip should be completely free from drawing oils and grease, that is to say food-proof in accordance with food regulations. For this purpose, Poly-clip System has developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM. The food-proof SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene.

consumables loops


The clip is also critical for ensuring that a loop holds the product securely. Whether you are producing sliced products (cold cuts) or portion sausages (raw sausage, cooked sausage), your product will hang securely with original clips and loops from Poly-clip System.

poly product labels


Peripheral equipment expand the functional range of the individual machines. Poly-clip System offers various labelling systems for precise product and origin labelling as well as batch tracing.

poly bags


For a smooth packaging process, the bag needs to optimally fit the product to be packaged in terms of both size and film thickness. When packaging poultry, in particular, in bags in an efficient, safe and hygienic manner, our clip closure solutions are just right for you.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

Our machines, consumables and services meet the highest standards. This is promised not only by numerous certifications, but above all by our own claim: Excellence in Clipping. In this way, we guarantee you the reliability and dependability that you can expect for your production. We ship spare parts worldwide within the shortest possible time, quickly and without complications. If necessary, our technical service is on the spot via the fastest route.