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Poly-clip System is the world’s largest provider of clip closure solutions. For many decades now we have been developing clip-based packaging solutions that have been tried and tested in industry and the craft sector. Our type of packaging is suitable for the widest range of applications – be it sausages, poultry, food or non-food. Our product and service system comprises a wide variety of innovative solutions from clipping machines to consumables such as clips and loops. We will be happy to offer you advice that is tailored to your particular product and to demonstrate the benefits of this type of packaging.

clip-pak® – the innovative packaging solution

A wide variety of products in addition to sausages are packaged with the aid of Poly-clip machines, and for those applications that do not involve sausages or packaging in bags we recommend clip-pak® packaging.

A clip-pak® is a tubular bag that is closed at both ends (forming a sausage shape) with a clip. clip-pak® is a cost-efficient and secure form of packaging, the clip closure provides a tamper-evident safety seal. Depending on the product, it is possible, when using plastic casings or aluminium laminated film in conjunction with the R-ID Clip series, to ensure up to bacteria-proof closure with the clip. Packaging with the clip is space-saving and environmentally friendly; it achieves a high degree of emptying and leaves little packaging waste. In fact, packaging with less packaging material would scarcely be possible.

Outstanding in the widest range of applications.

The fields of application of Poly-clip System clip closure technology are countless. When referring to the packaging of viscous products, we at Poly-clip System always speak of ‘Viscopac®’. All fluid, pasty to highly-viscous products can be packaged in a clip-pak® using a pump system with an automatic clipper. This cost-effective form of packaging is for example used for herbal butter, mozzarella, cheese, soups, marzipan, marinades, fats or tofu products. In the chemical and technical industries, too, this innovative packaging solution offers many advantages. Around the world, sealants, adhesives, lubricating grease and civil explosives are being packaged in clip-pak®. The clip-pak® tubular bag packaging is also an efficient alternative to conventional cartridges.