Company headquarters Poly-clip System Hattersheim


Poly-clip System is the largest provider of clip closure systems worldwide and is recognised as world market leader and hidden champion in this sector of the food industry and packaging industry. The history of the German family firm, based in Hattersheim near Frankfurt am Main, stretches back as far as 1922. To date we own more than 800 patents, a fact which underlines our global technology leadership. With an export rate of almost 90 % our clip closure solutions are in use around the world.



Everyone is familiar with the ends of a sausage, the ‘tails’. Originally developed by us for the meat processing industry and the butchery trade, our clip closure system has long been successfully employed in other food and non-food areas. Packaging with the clip is efficient, safe and permanent. The clip accounts for only 1 % of the cost of a product, but can determine more than 100 % of its success. Our customers are typically sausage and ham producers, but also the dairy industry and manufacturers of convenience products, bakery and confectionery products, pet foods, sealants and adhesives and also civilian explosives. Poultry, fruit and vegetables are also securely packaged in bags or nets with clip closure.


Excellence in Clipping

The highest quality and reliability combined with outstanding service – that is exactly what both the customer and we ourselves are aiming for. From now on we want to be your ideal partner in all aspects of clipping – with our unique product and service system. Adapting to your needs, and focusing on your benefit, we will provide you with efficient and innovative solutions, from manual table top machines through automatic double-clippers to automated systems for smoke trolley loading, not forgetting consumables such as clips and loops. Our constant challenge in everything we do is, and will continue to be, to offer our customers ‘Excellence in Clipping’.

Through our network of exclusive distribution partners in over 145 countries you will be able to receive professional advice around the world – we are there for you. Poly-clip System is represented every year at more than 100 exhibitions. Supported as we are by this network, you can have complete confidence in our fully qualified service organisation wherever you are in the world. Excellent support, flexibility and a willingness to help are our trademark. After all, it’s only your satisfaction that counts!

Benefit from our know-how and experience – trust in Poly-clip System.


The initiative Blue Competence

Poly-clip System is alliance member of the sustainability initiative Blue Competence. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA for promoting and communication of sustainable solutions for the mechanical engineering industry. By using the trademark Blue Competence, we commit ourselves to these twelve sustainability guidelines of the mechanical engineering industry.

PREAMBLE: Our comprehension of trendsetting sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect and responsibility and includes the dimensions of society, ecology and economy. We comprehend sustainable action in terms of the definition of the Brundtland report and the definitions of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Blue Competence

Sustainability and efficiency in production
The Poly-clip System plant in Hattersheim fosters a synergy between production and environmental protection. It increases energy efficiency, optimises energy production, conserves scarce raw materials, minimises emissions, avoids waste wherever possible and creates liveability in the workplace. The building was awarded the Johann-Wilhelm-Lehr plaque by the Hesse Association of German Architects, for its exemplary architecture.

The sustainable strengths:
• Low energy needs help to protect the environment
• Intelligent light concept improves working conditions
• Staff communication promoted through direct visual contact
• Brightly daylit ergonomic workplaces look out onto greenery
• Social spaces are bright, friendly and promote communication
• The company philosophy of ‘all under one roof’ is reflected in the architecture
• Classic and uncomplicated design with clear structures promotes a favourable work climate
• Optimum production conditions as a basis for economic success


Production sites

The machines and consumables are produced at Hattersheim am Main and Gedern in Germany as well as in Austria; they are also produced in Brazil for the local market.

Poly-clip System production site Hattersheim am MainGermany, Hattersheim am Main


Poly-clip System production site GedernGermany, Gedern


Poly-clip System production site BrazilBrazil, São Paulo