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World market leader

Poly-clip System is the world’s leading manufacturer of clip closure solutions and stands for ‘Excellence in Clipping’. With a market share of over 50 % the company is the world market leader. Poly-clip is known around the world wherever sausages are involved. Nowadays you will find a Poly-clip System FCA or ICA automatic double-clipper (sausage clipper) in nearly every industrial meat processing plant. The clipping machines, whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, are symbolic not only of the humanisation, but also of the rationalisation, of sausage production.


Pioneering achievement led to international success

Herbert Niedecker, the son of the firm’s founder, developed the R-Clip to provide rapid and secure closing of sausages and similar products, and so revolutionised the manufacture of sausage products worldwide. The invention of the original R-clip closure (reel clip) and the subsequent development of a machine which allows sausage ends to be stripped clean with the aid of the voiding separator and the end of one sausage and the beginning of the next to be closed simultaneously, are pioneering achievements, which laid the foundations for the world market leadership which the company enjoys today. Without the clips and double-clipping procedure, industrial sausage production as we know it today would not have been possible.

From the original simple clip, a highly precise, tamper-proof closure system was developed which, depending on the casing and clip, is capable of ensuring up to bacteria-proof closure. The clipping technology is far more sophisticated than it might appear at first glance. It is after all a form of closure which holds the product together, and the demands made on it are of course extremely varied. The casing material and characteristics, the temperature of the contents and the nature of any further processing involved are the most important aspects of production to which clip closure and the machine have to be adjusted. It has after all to ensure rapid and damage-free closure of a wide variety of natural and plastic casings. And as ever thinner films are being used, so too must the clip be adapted. This means that the demands on clipping machines are becoming more and more complex.

The essential feature of the double-clipper is the voiding separator and the double-clipping procedure. As each portion, accurate to within a gram, is delivered by the filling machine (filler/stuffer), the clipping impulse is triggered. Within milliseconds, the casing is constricted and is stripped clean of sausage meat in the closure area. The machine has further milliseconds in which to apply two clips, which clip the end of one sausage and the beginning of the next portion simultaneously. Currently, depending on the product calibre, up to 300 portions per minute can be produced.

R-ID Clip, S-Clip for reliably tight sausage closures 

Innovation – customer benefit is critical

Innovative strength and the highest product quality and reliability combined with outstanding service – these are the things that make a company a world market leader. But our drive for continuous improvement and the daily re-confirmation of customer confidence have also helped us to reach our current market position. And we have invested continuously in research and development – in order to maintain our lead, for example, 8% of our annual budget flows into basic and further development. Innovation only makes sense, though, if it offers the customer definite advantages. Consequently, we are always focused on customer benefit.

Our range of innovations is broadly-based. Today, the company owns more than 800 patents and this is further evidence of its worldwide technology leadership. Almost 90 % of the turnover comes from outside Germany. And our brand is represented by a network of exclusive distribution partners in over 145 countries and is represented every year at more than 100 exhibitions.


Product range

Our range of products and services covers a wide variety of innovative solutions, including clipping machines, packaging machines and their automation, as well as consumables such as clips and loops.



We supply the food industry around the world, primarily industrial producers and the butchery trade. The clip closure system is also successful in other industries, for example those that process and package pasty products, both in the food and the non-food sector. Further important markets are dairy products, convenience products, bakery products and confectionery, pet foods, sealants and adhesives and civilian explosives. Packaging with the clip is also a secure and hygienic method for packaging of poultry and poultry parts in bags. The packaging system with clip closure is efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.


Safe for use with foods

The safety of consumers, that is to say your customers, is our primary concern. Worldwide, we are the only company in the area of clip closure technology that has certification of our consumables carried out by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and has been awarded their quality seal. Central to this certification is the testing of products to ensure that they are safe for use with foods (SAFE-COAT, ISO 22000). The test criteria for this go far beyond any legally prescribed measures.