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Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee maximum quality and safety. They are SAFE-COAT coated and tested by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The largest range of clips and loops, rapid availability and a qualified service organisation worldwide are your guarantee of trouble-free production. Trust the SAFE-COAT clip. Play it safe.

R-ID Clips – for automatic double-clippers in the FCA series and for automatic sealing/clipping machines in the TSCA series:

  • Aluminium clips
  • Pre-formed clips on reels (R-ID Clip)
  • For fibrous, collagen and plastic casings
  • Four standard colours (more on request)
  • Various alloys and hardness grades
  • Product detection during clipping process by means of clip coding
  • Higher degree of automation through integrated RFID technology (reduced operating errors). The RFID chip sends information to the clipping machine control (number of clips on the spool, size of the clip, required die – die also with RFID chip)
  • Improved holding force thanks to special geometry
  • Bacteria-proof closure possible with plastic casings and aluminium laminated films
  • Easier on machines and closing tools

Intelligent clips – ‘the clip can communicate’

The R-ID Clip offers the possibility of increased automation of the clipping process. It utilises RFID technology, thus allowing it to communicate directly with the clipping machine. The special geometry of this clip means that, depending of course on the product involved, bacteria-proof clip closure is possible, whether plastic casings or aluminium laminated films are being used.

The modified internal profile of the clip results in an even greater holding force on clip closure. And thanks to the round contour of the open clip and the oval contour of the closed clip, a highly uniform pressure is applied to the casing almost throughout the clip closure area, thus improving clip safety and tightness. The clipping punch and die, which are precisely tailored to the clip, also contribute to an extremely uniform closure pattern that inevitably leads to a consistently tight and visually clean clip closure. The R-ID Clip series caters for the narrowest dimensional tolerances and ensures safe and reliable sausage closure right from the smallest 25 g chubs up to calibres of 160 mm.

The use of the R-ID Clip can prevent unscheduled machine downtime caused by incorrect clips or dies. With the aid of integrated RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and individual values stored in the product parameters, it is now possible to establish whether specific clip and die sizes actually match the product concerned. The automatic clipper also checks whether the die in particular is suited to the clip. In this way, both faulty production start and time and material losses can be prevented.

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We have for many years now been developing trade and industry packaging solutions using the clip. Our type of packaging is suitable for the widest range of applications – sausage, poultry, food or non-Food.

We will be happy to advise you and find the right clip for your product and the casing being used! Please contact us:


Clip system solutions

The complete system of clipping machine, clips and loops from a single source ensures efficient and trouble-free production. Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee the highest quality. Manufacturing is subject to the most rigorous quality controls. Certified in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 they are designed to suit the production process perfectly. With its food-proof safety coating certified by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, Poly-clip SAFE-COAT technology ensures trouble-free production and if required a no-worry product warranty. Poly-clip System is the world’s leading provider of clip system solutions.







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