Automatic Hanging Line

  • FCHL LS – Automatic Hanging Line – Slicing logs specialist
  • FCHL LS - Detail
  • FCHL LS - Detail
  • FCHL LS – Automatic Hanging Line – Slicing logs specialist
  • FCHL LS - Detail
  • FCHL LS - Detail

Why work with FCHL LS?

6 reasons

01 Safety
Construction and design comply with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. This automatic hanging line therefore has a complete safety package.

02 Continuous production
The FCHL series has a robust industrial design in proven Poly-clip quality. It is suitable for multi-shift operation, easy to maintain with few wearing parts. The remote maintenance control can additionally increase production reliability.

03 Increased efficiency
Remarkably increased output and at the same time cost savings on manpower. With this precise hanging, your added benefit is the full utilization of capacity during the further thermal treatment.

04 Reduced maintenance costs
The automatic clipper offers the automatic central lubrication. You can rely on the accomplishment of this important task.

05 Help towards self-help
The operating manual where it is needed – when it's needed: in the SAFETY TOUCH. Automatic clipping machines in proven Poly-clip quality with PC 200 control have the operating manual on board, where it can also be easily updated.

06 Further enhance productivity
The robot-controlled, fully-automatic smoke trolley loading system ASL-R, available as an option, further increases the output rate while reducing the workforce.



  • Automatic positioning of long looped products on the smoke stick at high throughput rates
  • Efficiency through reduced workforce at the filling line in combination with robot-controlled smoke trolley loading system
  • Optimum utilization of smoking and cooking plant capacity
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The FCHL LS Automatic Hanging Line works reliably and continuously linked directly to FCA 160 double-clippers and the robot-controlled, fully-automatic smoke trolley loading system ASL-R (optional). Looped products in the calibre range 38 to 100 mm are positioned highly efficient on the smoke stick – continuously, accurately and in a high positioning rate. The precise positioning allows a higher loading density.

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  • Increased output and at the same time cost savings on manpower
  • Specialist for long products
  • Continuous loading
  • In combination to the robot-controlled ASL-R, fully-automatic discharge of filled sticks and positioning in the smoke trolley at a rate of 7 sticks per minute.
  • Smoke sticks suitable for automation at up to 34 mm in diameter are used
  • Number of loops per stick (logs or chains), between 6 and 24 pieces, depending from stick length and calibre
  • Number and position of loops per stick retrievable from recipe management
  • Discharge buffer for automatic removal with ASL-R
  • Line control of hanging machine and ASL-R via SAFETY TOUCH of clipping machine
  • Freely selectable stick length from 800 to 1,250 mm
  • Maximum single weight per loop 1.5 to 8 kg, depending on casing quality and further processing
  • Length of single chubs or chains incl. loop up to 1,400 mm
  • Up to 65 loops per minute for single chubs, for chains even more, depending on the product
  • Manual stick feed up to 24 empty round sticks, rear loading
  • Highly dynamic, energy-efficient servo drive, infinitely adjustable speed
  • Consumption-oriented central lubrication for maximum reliability and service life
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  • Construction and design compliant to EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Hygienic design in stainless steel for fast and thorough cleaning
  • Robust and compact design, low wear, built for constant load and long, heavy products
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  • Maintenance- and service-friendly with few wear parts
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  • Customized smoke stick magazine
  • Loop setting for precise positioning at high speed
  • Sanitary catch bin
  • CIP system for machine spindle
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) Interface upon request
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The FCHL LS is connected mechanically and electrically to an FCA. The smoke sticks are automatically taken from the stick loader and brought to the loading position. While the portion is closed with clips and the loop is set, a special finger takes the looped product directly from the separating area of the double-clipper and positions it automatically on the smoke stick. When the stick is full, it is moved to the discharge buffer, while another empty stick is positioned for further loading. The loaded smoke stick is positioned into the smoke trolley by the ASL-R robot-controlled loading system or with a customer-supplied lifting device. Meanwhile, the production is running continuously.

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  • ASL-R
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to robot-controlled, fully-automatic discharge of filled sticks and positioning in the smoke trolley with the ASL-R at a rate of 7 sticks per minute. The combination of FCHL with ASL-R increases the output rate once again by up to 10 % with additional reduction of the manpower requirement by up to 40 %.
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R-ID Clip: M, L, XL

Loops: GS 20 S3 L14, GS 20 S4 L14

Stick profiles:


We provide clips with the system

Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee maximum quality and safety. They are SAFE-COAT coated and tested by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The largest range of clips and loops, rapid availability and a qualified service organisation worldwide are your guarantee of trouble-free production. Trust the SAFE-COAT clip. Play it safe.

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ASL-R – Automatic Sausage Loader – 40 % productivity increase
40 % productivity increase
FCHL – Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine – 25 % productivity increase
25 % productivity increase