Vacuum System

  • VAC – Vacuum System – Shrink packaging
  • VAC - Detail
  • VAC – Vacuum System – Shrink packaging
  • VAC - Detail

Shrink packaging

For vacuuming bags
Especially suitable for poultry
Horizontal or vertical vacuum nozzle is possible


The VAC Vacuum System combined with single-clippers of the Easy Clip Line® is ideal for packing poultry into bags such as chickens, broilers, ducks, geese either whole or poultry parts as well as for further types of food such as sausages and cheese. The system evacuates the air from the vacuum and shrink bags so that the packaging snugly fits around the product. Request Info
  • System consisting of a single table, integrated vacuum pump with vacuum container as well as horizontal vacuum nozzle
  • Electric powered
  • Attractive packaging
  • No loss in weight when shrinking the bag
  • For further processing of shrink bags in a shrink tunnel
  • Can be combined with existing vacuum pumps
  • Easy to operate
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning
  • Service-friendly
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  • Vertical vacuum nozzle (pulling nozzle), also for heavy and bulky products
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The VAC Vacuum System evacuates the air from the vacuum and shrink bags. The bag is placed over the nozzle and pressed securely onto the nozzle pipe. When the nozzle is swivelled, the valve opens and the air is sucked out of the bag.
The bag tail is then twisted and the bag is closed securely and sealed air-tight with an optional clipping machine. The packed products in the shrink bags can now be processed further in the shrink tunnel smoothly. Request Info
  • EZ 600/700/800

    – clipping machines of the Easy Clip Line® for a firm, tight and hygienic packaging due to clip closure

  • MPL

    – hocking and bagging of poultry products

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We provide clips with the system

Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee maximum quality and safety. They are SAFE-COAT coated and tested by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The largest range of clips and loops, rapid availability and a qualified service organisation worldwide are your guarantee of trouble-free production. Trust the SAFE-COAT clip. Play it safe.

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