ISO 9001:2008 ISO 22000:2005 SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS  
Halal certificate CE marking DGUV Test  

With certification of its integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 22000:2005, Poly-clip System guarantees its customers regular and independent monitoring of all processes involved in clip and loop manufacture. To protect the food manufacturers and their customers, manufacture of the original clips and loops is subject to the most stringent quality controls. Poly-clip SAFE-COAT technology, using a food-proof safety coating certified by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, ensures trouble-free production and, where necessary, a no-worry product warranty. In addition, all Poly-clip System clip and loop production processes satisfy the requirements laid down by Halal Certification Germany.

All Poly-clip System machines are provided with CE marking. By applying the CE mark, Poly-clip System guarantees that its products meet all the fundamental requirements of current EU statutory regulations. In addition, Poly-clip System employs the optional DGUV Test symbol. This DGUV Test symbol certifies that Poly-clip System machines satisfy the relevant health and safety requirements. The complete system of clipping machine, clips and loops from one source ensures efficient, trouble-free production. Poly-clip System is the world’s leading provider of clip system solutions.