CE marking

CE marking – in accordance with European directives

What does the CE mark mean?

CE marking is the primary indicator of compliance of a product with current EU regulations and ensures the free movement of goods within the European market. By applying the CE mark, the manufacturer guarantees that its product meets all the statutory requirements relating to CE marking, so that the product may be sold within the European Economic Area. CE marking is only prescribed for certain product categories. CE marking is obligatory in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive, which states that a manufacturer must have satisfied itself that its product meets all current fundamental requirements, such as the health and safety provisions, of the relevant guidelines and that the product has undergone the prescribed conformity evaluation procedure. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to carry out conformity testing, to put together the accompanying technical documentation, to complete an EU Declaration of Conformity and to apply the CE mark to the product. All Poly-clip System machines carry the CE mark.