Halal certificate

Halal certificate

Halal certificate     Halal certificate – Poly-clip System

SGS Halal certificate    SGS Halal certificate – Poly-clip System

All the production processes employed in Poly-clip System clip and loop manufacture satisfy the requirements laid down by Halal Certification Germany. With the Halal certificate, the company guarantees its customers that it has all the necessary procedures and systems in place for establishing whether the manufacture of clips from plastic and aluminium, and also of loops, complies with the relevant Islamic rules. A Muslim authority and a Muslim auditor check the compliance of the factory with the audit guidelines. Samples are taken from products requiring certification and then tested in an independent, accredited laboratory using the very latest PCR-DNA analysis to ensure that they do not contain any substances prohibited under Islamic Sharia. The certificate is renewed annually. During the period of validity of the Halal certificate, unannounced inspections take place. The certificate issued by Halal Certification Germany in Osnabrück is first required before the SGS Halal certificate can be issued. Poly-clip System also offers its customers the option of a Halal-certified lubricating grease for use with its machines.

The Halal certification process

Halal certification process

What does ‘Halal’ mean?

The word ‘Halal’ comes from Arabic and may be translated as ‘allowed‘ or ‘permissible‘. When applied to food, this means that Islamic rules have been adhered to during its manufacture and that no prohibited substances have come into contact with the food or are contained in it. Thanks to this certificate, our customers may rest assured that their products remain Halal-compliant.