SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS certificate with quality control plan   


The clip should be completely free from drawing oils and grease, that is to say food-proof in accordance with the food regulations. Poly-clip System has therefore developed the SAFETY-CLIP SYSTEM. The food-proof SAFE-COAT safety coating in particular guarantees maximum hygiene. Poly-clip System has this product feature regularly monitored by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

At the core of the certification process is the testing for safety in accordance with food regulations. All clips and loops from Poly-clip System are tested in accordance with LFGB/BedGgstV (German Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code/German Consumer Goods Ordinance) and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, EU Regulation No. 10/2011 and have been awarded the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal. Poly-clip System was the first company in clip closure technology that had such certification carried out. All clip products (R-ID Clip, R-Clip, S-Clip P-Clip) and the loops carry the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal and are regularly controlled by SGS.

Quality seal for Poly-clip System

The criteria for award of the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS quality seal are demanding. Both the product and the raw materials used have to undergo rigorous basic testing. This checks compliance with both statutory regulations and additional requirements laid down by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. Inspection of the raw materials for freedom from residues also occurs, as well as analytical testing for such things as colour fastness and freedom from heavy metals. In addition to our own quality assurance, during the contract period unannounced inspections take place both on the premises and on the market, which independently ensure a high level of quality on a continuous basis. Poly-clip System production facilities are also audited. Poly-clip System clips and loops can therefore be used safely in contact with food for the applications tested.