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We take a close look at what you need.
Then we provide the solution.

Poly-clip System DC700

We take a close look at what you need.
Then we provide the solution.

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patents, all for the benefit of our customers

We plan and develop your future

Problem-solvers listen well, and look closely. Yet as pioneers, we take the decisive step forwards: we create new opportunities. As such, we have always sought to gain the advantage, allowing you to benefit from our market-appropriate, innovative solutions, and more than 800 patents.We promote an optimal overall process and offer clipping machines, consumable materials, consultancy and support, all from a single source.

With Poly-clip System as your partner, you will always be making the correct investment decisions, based on clear facts. Go to Advantages for your company

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Our developments define the market - and your business success.

We have already integrated your success into our products. Always with the goal of making you even more efficient, more productive, and more successful. Your challenges are our mission.
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Excellent consultation and service for your production security

Whether a butcher's shop or an industrial company: our service always starts from scratch. This is so that we can acquire an accurate understanding of what you actually need. We then continue with consulting services that really help you to move forwards. And this is followed up by our comprehensive aftersales service, which guarantees you optimal operating periods and availability. And we do this worldwide in more than 145 countries, while always maintaining a local presence.

Our competent, and often locally-based service specialists arrive quickly on-site. Regardless of where you are and what problem you are facing. We ship our spare parts worldwide, and usually even overnight within Germany. This means we can promise "Excellence in Clipping" throughout the entire service life of our products.

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Focus on quality - for us this means:

Our products: developed for your performance