18 January 2021

clip-pak® for Sustainable Packaging: New brand for sustainability


"As a family business, we naturally have a special relationship to sustainability and have been acting responsibly for generations - even if we have not made this an issue up to now. We have also always been too focused on offering our customers the best solutions," says Managing Director Joachim Meyrahn. "Because there is hardly a more sustainable type of packaging than the clip closure, we are now bundling this offer under our new brand clip-pak® for Sustainable Packaging. With clip-pak®, our customers can consistently package products sustainably."

Clip closure solutions have always been more sustainable than many alternatives that package viscous food and non-food products in cans, plastic cartridges or cups, which are material and energy intensive. A recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, for example, confirmed how climate-friendly sausage packaging with clip closures are: They save up to 61 per cent of climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions compared to injection moulded cups and even 81 per cent compared to thermoformed packaging.

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