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Automatic Sausage Loader


Top and PCS Exclusive Features

The star indicates features that you will only find at Poly-clip System.
  • No one else has it: 5-in-1 system (clipping, loop setting, hanging, positioning and smoke cart loading by robot)
  • Fully automated FCHL unloading and smoking trolley loading
  • Turn-key design/key-in-hand. 1 partner solution
  • Optimised smoking trolley loading
  • Quick change of loading schema
  • Different loading schemas
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Maximum safety standards
  • Adjusts to the customer's facilities

Why work with ASL-R?

Continuous placing of loaded smoke sticks in the smoke trolley. Versatility in the calibre range up to 100 mm, product/chain length including loop up to 1.400 mm. FCHL/ASL-R line – continuous automation for clipped and looped products.

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Technical Data

40 % productivity increase

  • Efficient loading of smoke trolleys with smoke sticks up to 1,250 mm length
  • Automation line consisting of ASL-R and FCHL Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine
  • Continuous production


  • Supports a fully automatic, optimally synchronized production process consisting of: emulsion processing line, filling machine loading, clipping unit, hanging line, smoke trolley loading, thermal processing/drying installation
  • Flexible positioning of smoke trolley racks
  • Smoke trolley dependent loading patterns
  • Efficient production without interruptions, independent of the operator
  • Minimum staff requirement for operation of the complete FCHL/ASL-R line in multishift operation
  • Take-over of at least one loaded smoke stick from the automatic hanging line or the automatic clipping/hanging machine and positioning in the smoke trolley
  • Up to 7 sticks are positioned per minute
  • Smoke stick loading weight up to 40 kg, depending on the material
  • Continuous production – when the first smoke trolley is full there is an automatic change to the next smoke trolley which is then loaded
  • Stick profile specific grappler
  • Data link to customer's PDA (production data acquisition) system, ASL-R control with Ethernet interface to FCHL
  • Low maintenance for maximum reliability and service life

Quality and hygiene

  • Hygienic design industrial standard IP 67 and protection cover with overpressure blower, complying with the strict regulations of the food industry, allows for easy cleaning

Equipment options

  • Safety device (safety fence) complies with current safety guidelines – CE conformity for entire plant


Triangle, Square, Circle


412 mm


1922 mm


425 kg


676 mm

Three-phase current connection

200 – 600 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power input

16 kW

Fuse connection

32 A

Compressed air

6 bar

Air consumption

3.5 NL/Cycle

Subject to technical modifications.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

Our machines, consumables and services meet the highest standards. This is promised not only by numerous certifications, but above all by our own claim: Excellence in Clipping. In this way, we guarantee you the reliability and dependability that you can expect for your production. We ship spare parts worldwide within the shortest possible time, quickly and without complications. If necessary, our technical service is on the spot via the fastest route.

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