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Double-Clip Machine

EZ 6092

Top and PCS Exclusive Features

  • For closure of nets, including those used as outer packa- ging
  • Manually triggered clipping for the formation of a carrying handle (loop
  • Easy handling
  • Product data can only be entered on the Clipauto take place
  • Spool version optionally available

Why clip with EZ 6092?

The clipping machine EZ 6092 of the Easy Clip Line® is employed for closing nets used as outer packaging for turkeys as well as for the net packaging of ham or of fruits and vegetables. But it is also capable of securely closing casings or tubes.
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EZ 6092
Technical Data

Netting with carrying handle

  • For closure of nets, including those used as outer packaging
  • Manually triggered clipping for the formation of a carrying handle (loop)
  • Easy handling; product parameter's can be entered at the double-clipper's SAFETY TOUCH
  • Spool version optionally available


  • Integrated pneumatic knife with cut-off valve
  • Table top or in-built version
  • The trigger can be fitted on the right or on the left as required
  • Height adjustable by the mounting or removal of two spacer plates (each 25 mm)
  • Low air consumption
  • Processes high-quality clips – certified safe for use with food by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS
  • Clip and loop manufacture certified in accordance with ISO 22000

Quality and hygiene

  • Hygienic design made of stainless steel and industrial plastic for easy cleaning


  • Low maintenance and low wear owing to the small number of moving parts

Equipment options

  • S-clips on spool for even more efficient production
  • Pressure reducer with filter
  • Labelling system EZ Tag-Feeder for tamper-proof product and origin labelling, as well as batch tracing

Function and operation

  • The double-clipper EZ 6092 operates pneumatically and is particularly suitable for closing nets. The filled net is inserted into the slot of both clip guides and is pulled in one direction until the desired tension is achieved. On activation of the trigger the clipping process starts. As a result, the end of the filled net and the beginning of the unfilled net are simultaneously closed. This automatically triggers the knife to cut the filled net from the unfilled part between the two clips. The knife can be switched off by means of a cut-off valve. In order to create a comfortable carrying handle for the end customer, before the clipping process a loop is manually formed with the net and is inserted into the slot of just one clip guide. In this way, after clipping has occurred, a handle is created at one end of the packaging, while at the other end a simple closed tail is formed.

262 mm


830 — 880 mm


29 kg


468 mm

Compressed air

5 — 7 bar

Subject to technical modifications.

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