Automatic Sausage Loader

  • ASL-R – Automatic Sausage Loader – 40 % productivity increase
  • ASL-R - Detail
  • ASL-R - Detail
  • ASL-R – Automatic Sausage Loader – 40 % productivity increase
  • ASL-R - Detail
  • ASL-R - Detail

40 % productivity increase

Efficient loading of smoke trolleys with smoke sticks up to 1,250 mm length
Automation line consisting of ASL-R and FCHL Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine
Continuous production


Continuous placing of loaded smoke sticks in the smoke trolley. Versatility in the calibre range up to 100 mm, product/chain length including loop up to 1.400 mm. FCHL/ASL-R line – continuous automation for clipped and looped products.

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  • Supports a fully automatic, optimally synchronized production process consisting of: emulsion processing line, filling machine loading, clipping unit, hanging line, smoke trolley loading, thermal processing/drying installation
  • Flexible positioning of smoke trolley racks
  • Smoke trolley dependent loading patterns
  • Efficient production without interruptions, independent of the operator
  • Minimum staff requirement for operation of the complete FCHL/ASL-R line in multishift operation
  • Take-over of at least one loaded smoke stick from the automatic hanging line or the automatic clipping/hanging machine and positioning in the smoke trolley
  • Up to 7 sticks are positioned per minute
  • Smoke stick loading weight up to 40 kg, depending on the material
  • Continuous production – when the first smoke trolley is full there is an automatic change to the next smoke trolley which is then loaded
  • Stick profile specific grappler
  • Data link to customer's PDA (production data acquisition) system, ASL-R control with Ethernet interface to FCHL
  • Low maintenance for maximum reliability and service life
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  • Hygienic design industrial standard IP 67 and protection cover with overpressure blower, complying with the strict regulations of the food industry, allows for easy cleaning
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  • Low maintenance for maximum reliability and service life
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  • Safety device (safety fence) complies with current safety guidelines – CE conformity for entire plant
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Stick profiles:


We provide clips with the system

Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee maximum quality and safety. They are SAFE-COAT coated and tested by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The largest range of clips and loops, rapid availability and a qualified service organisation worldwide are your guarantee of trouble-free production. Trust the SAFE-COAT clip. Play it safe.

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  • Review of actual situation on site and potential analysis for optimised product flow
  • Programming of the line
  • Only three basic data – calibre, product length, geometry of smoke trolley (spacing, height, depth) as product parameters in SAFETY TOUCH – further calculation in ASL-R’s control
  • Teach-in operation (teaching) for positioning of units and easy commissioning
  • Customer's smoke trolleys and smoke sticks can be used if they are of automation quality
  • Set-up, commissioning and assistance during start of production
  • Training and documentation
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further machines


FCHL – Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine – 25 % productivity increase
25 % productivity increase
FCHL LS – Automatic Hanging Line – Slicing logs specialist
Slicing logs specialist
FCHS – Clipping/Hanging Machine – Save up to 20 %
Save up to 20 %