FCA 100

Automatic Double-Clipper

  • FCA 100 – Automatic Double-Clipper – Medium automation
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 – Automatic Double-Clipper – Medium automation
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail
  • FCA 100 - Detail

Why clip with FCA 100?

5 reasons

01 High productivity
High speed for small and medium calibres and very short set-up times distinguish this double-clipper in proven Poly-clip quality. This saves time and gives you more yield.

02 Reduced maintenance costs
The automatic clipper offers the automatic central lubrication. You can rely on the accomplishment of this important task.

03 Error prevention
Modern technology and medium automation is offered by this double-clipper and thus allows easy error prevention. The individual parameters of the system consisting of clipping machine, clip and die (RFID) are monitored for a smooth production.

04 Safety for the operator
This clipping machine features an optimal safety casing brake with hand guard in proven Poly-clip quality. Operation without the casing brake is impossible. Your advantage: operator safety is protected, and the machine can produce damage-free.

05 Hygienic conveyor belts
Our hygienic belts in proven Poly-clip quality are inductively driven and can be dismantled without tools in seconds for a thorough cleaning.

FCA 100


  • For the 24 – 90 mm calibre range at up to 186 cycles per minute in continuous mode
  • Shortest down-time for reloading of casing and maintenance, with even higher safety
  • Fully hygienic conveyor belt, dismantling without tools
  • Optimal accessibility for ease of cleaning
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High production speed at up to 186 cycles per minute for small and medium-sized calibres as well as shortest downtimes distinguish the FCA 100. The automatic double-clipper closes collagen and fibrous casings up to 58 mm and plastic casings up to 90 mm in diameter (depending on the material thickness).

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  • Safety casing brake with hand guard; maintaining safety distance to separator when adjusted, operation without casing brake is blocked
  • R-ID Clip with high holding force, even up to bacteria-proof clip closure with plastic casings
  • Incorrect settings are avoided by detection of the clip size and die
  • Auto-Stop System, clip sensor monitoring end of clip supply on reel
  • Quick-change system for punch and die without tools
  • Operator-friendly with individually assignable manual functions, e.g. inching mode
  • Comfortable external adjustment of the clip pressure and separator hole, without tools
  • Short sausage ends, uniform pleating and clean sausage tails due to the linear voiding separator
  • Highly dynamic, energy-efficient servo drive, infinitely adjustable speed
  • Highest productivity; product parameters can be recalled from the SAFETY TOUCH recipe management
  • Simple machine operation with SAFETY TOUCH – shockproof, 10” large and easy to clean
  • Electronic hand-wheel for adjustments and setting parameters
  • Swivel horn, twin turret and casing brake assistant with 90° pivot point
  • Low noise level
  • Processes high-quality clips – certified safe for use with food by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS
  • Clip and loop manufacture certified in accordance with ISO 22000
  • USB port for data import and export
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  • Robustness and long service life guaranteed by use of stainless steel and titanium
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces, large openings, front flap and the special separator cleaning position
  • Separator cleaning flap – allows ideal accessibility
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  • Centralized lubrication strip for easy and fast maintenance
  • Maintenance- and service-friendly with few wearing parts, easily accessible by swing-off side covers
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  • Consumption-oriented central lubrication for maximum reliability and service life
  • Fully hygienic conveyor belt, dismantling without tools, single lane 700 or 1200 mm, double-belt 700 mm and roller extension
  • Casing brake assistant – semi-automatic casing brake holder system for fastest reloading of casings
  • Casing end sensor
  • Sensor for end of loop supply
  • Pneumatic dry sausage brake, individual control of the twin turret's casing brakes as product parameter via SAFETY TOUCH
  • Automatic looper GSA 20, loop left or right
  • Air-free slack filling of moulded products by overspreading, sensor monitored total spreading up to 100 mm, comfort setting in front
  • Twin turret with swivel horns and 90° pivot point
  • Length portioning by optical sensor or mechanical length stop 1,000 mm and 1,350 mm
  • Ball joint filler connection
  • String dispenser for rings
  • Print mark control for centred printing format
  • Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) Interface upon request
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The automatic double clipping machine is connected mechanically and synchronized electrically to a filling machine. The portions are fed in precisely to the nearest gram and closed by a clip. The PC control allows a very fast and accurate signal processing. On the SAFETY TOUCH display the diagnostic system provides a  direct and clear indication of the clipping machine’s operational status as well an analysis of filling and clipping times. Deviations from the recipe parameters saved in SAFETY TOUCH are monitored. The operator is intuitively guided through the flat menu structure of the SAFETY TOUCH by means of self-explaining pictograms. Operator, set-up and service levels are kept clearly separated and are password protected. A high degree of process monitoring is offered by the FCA’s automation.

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  • ES 5000
  • Labelling system for marking and traceability
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R-ID Clip: S, M


We provide clips with the system

Original clips from Poly-clip System guarantee maximum quality and safety. They are SAFE-COAT coated and tested by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The largest range of clips and loops, rapid availability and a qualified service organisation worldwide are your guarantee of trouble-free production. Trust the SAFE-COAT clip. Play it safe.

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