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Labelling System

ES 5000

Top and PCS Exclusive Features

  • Boil-proof label printing
  • Diverse printing features (barcode, QR code, logo printing)
  • Forgery-proof product labelling
  • Can be combined with any clipping machinery

Why label with ES 5000?

The ES 5000 labelling system can be used with FCA or ICA automatic double-clippers, but also for the bag closure with the APL. Up-to-date data can be printed on a label during production and the label can be attached in a tamper-proof manner directly on the product during clipping. Wherever product labelling is needed, the ES 5000 is the solution.

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ES 5000
Technical Data

Product labelling

  • Tamper-proof labeling showing product information and origins
  • Individual up-to-date data
  • Batch tracing
  • Individual designs for labels
  • Can be combined with FCA, ICA and APL


  • Product labelling during production
  • Attractive product
  • Exact batch-tracing possible
  • Labelling meets EU Regulations
  • Computerized flexibility in creation of labels (text and layout)
  • Efficiency – due to interface, the label layouts can be retrieved as product para- meters from FCA/ICA
  • Space saving and mobile on trolley, easy to connect and move
  • Control and power cut-off via clipping machine

Quality and hygiene

  • Hygienic: fully covered, made completely of stainless steel, splash-proof

Equipment options

  • Hot stamping printer with adjustable date setting device and printing plates
  • Programmable thermal transfer printer, computerized creation of text and layout design, retrievable design layouts and editing of variables, e.g. date, directly during production

Function and operation

The ES 5000 labelling system is connected to the double clipping machine electrically. The label dispenser is fastened onto the clipping machine. The labels are fed to the printer via a compensating roller system and printed. The labels, printed on one side, are routed via a transport roller from the labelling system across the dispenser into the separator area of the clipping machine. They are then placed in the clip and cut off. Control comes from the clipping machine. Inserting the labels does not hold up the clipping process.


530 mm


1450 mm


80 kg


600 mm

Three-phase current connection

1 x 110 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Fuse connection

16 A

Compressed air

5 — 7 bar

Subject to technical modifications.

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