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Labelling System

ES 4000

Top and PCS Exclusive Features

  • Clear, cost-effective product labelling
  • Compatible with all PDC and PDC-A machines
  • Simplifies the use of unprinted casing

Why label with ES 4000?

With the ES 4000, up-to-date data can be printed on a label during production and the label can be attached in a tamperproof manner directly on the product during clipping. The system was especially developed for automatic double-clippers of the PDC and PDC-A series, and all products within a calibre range of 20 to 115 mm can be provided with a label. Suitable for plastic, fibrous, collagen and natural casings.
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ES 4000

Product labelling

  • Tamper-proof product marking
  • Batch tracing
  • Individual up-to-date data
  • Retrofitting possible any time
  • Can be combined with the PDC and PDC-A


  • Product labelling during production
  • Hot stamping printer for clean, exact printing
  • Prints all product-specific, upto-date data for exact batch tracing
  • Printing range 24 x 12 mm
  • Printing plate with up to eight characters or letters in a maximum of two lines
  • Easy exchange of the printing plate even during production
  • The inking rollers are available in different colours

Quality and hygiene

  • Label dispenser, attachment kits and hot stamping printer are made completely from stainless steel or industrial plastic
  • The printer can be removed for high-pressure cleaning of the machine

Equipment options

  • Set of text types
  • Set of numeric characters
  • Set of dates
  • Additional printing plate

Function and operation

  • The ES 4000 labelling system is mounted directly to the PDC or PDC-A. The labels are transported to the hot stamping printer, printed and routed to the separators via a guide rail. The label is clipped during clipping.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

Our machines, consumables and services meet the highest standards. This is promised not only by numerous certifications, but above all by our own claim: Excellence in Clipping. In this way, we guarantee you the reliability and dependability that you can expect for your production. We ship spare parts worldwide within the shortest possible time, quickly and without complications. If necessary, our technical service is on the spot via the fastest route.

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