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Labelling System

EZ TAG-Feeder

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EZ TAG-Feeder
Technical Data

Product labelling

  • Tamper-proof labeling showing product information and origins, with batch traceability assured through individualized and up-to-date information
  • Retrofitting possible any time
  • Designed for clipping machines of the Easy Clip Line® EZ 4500/600/700, EZ P 600/700 and EZ 6092


  • Product labelling during clipping
  • Tamper-proof labelling
  • Easy changing of the embossing stamp
  • Up-to-date information for exact batch traceability
  • For all product specific data, up to three lines, each with up to twelve characters (letters and numbers) can be embossed
  • All necessary information in accordance with the European Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) can be provided on label size 4=XL

Equipment options

  • EZ Tag-Feeder for clipping machine in left- or right-hand version
  • EZ Tag-Feeder for label size 1=S, 2=M available for EZ 4500/600/700, EZ P 600/700
  • EZ Tag-Feeder for label size 3=L, 4=XL available for EZ 4500/600/700, EZ P 600/700, EZ 6092
  • Embossing stamp sets: set of text types, set of numeric characters, set of dates
  • Additional embossing plate

Function and operation

  • The labelling system EZ Tag-Feeder works pneumatically. It is mounted directly to the clipping machine. The labels are transported to the embossing station, embossed and passed on to the closing area of the clipper. The label is clipped in during clipping.

130 mm


770 mm


5 — 5 kg


455 mm

Compressed air

5 — 7 bar

Air consumption

0.8 NL/cycle

Subject to technical modifications.

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