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Manual Poultry Loader


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Technical Data

Highest modularity

  • Hocking and bagging of poultry
  • Quick and smooth operation
  • Individually adjustable to poultry size
  • Processes bags from a wicket or strapped bags/shrink bags


  • Extremely simple operation due to automatic inflation of the bag
  • Suitable for polyethylene, vacuum and shrink bags
  • Pressure reducer with filter
  • Low air consumption
  • Separate air supply – blow air and control air hoses with colour coding
  • MPL with pneumatic feeder for strapped bags can processes strapped bags and bags from a wicket

Quality and hygiene

  • Hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning


  • Low maintenance and low wear owing to the small number of moving parts

Equipment options

  • Base frame
  • Mounting rack right and left (hocking station) for assembly of up to two single-clip machines of the Easy Clip Line® for increased productivity
  • Pneumatic feeder for strapped bags, only with base frame
  • Horns infinitely adjustable, depending on bag size
  • Waste bag holder for bag tails
  • Stainless steel box for bags
  • Stainless steel cylinder for sledge

Function and operation

  • The MPL Manual Poultry Loader (bagger) is pneumatically operated and designed for efficient packaging of poultry. The MPL automatically inflates the bags, and the horns move into the bag to keep it open. The poultry is manually pushed through the open horns into the bag to the point where the bag is pulled off. The horns are then retracted to take up the next bag. The filled bag is safely closed with a single-clip machine and, where appropriate, placed in an outer packaging. This ensures fast and simple packaging of the products. When designing the MPL, particular emphasis was placed on strict observance of hygiene requirements and on maximum flexibility for efficient packaging of a wide variety of product sizes. Different horns allow adjustment to the product weight

Possible combinations

  • VAC
  • Can be combined with the VAC vacuum system
  • EZ 4500/600/700/P 600/P 700
  • Clipping machines of the Easy Clip Line® for a firm, tight and hygienic packaging due to clip closure

405 mm


54 kg


675 mm

Compressed air

5 — 6 bar

Air consumption

10 NL/Cycle

Subject to technical modifications.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

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