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Fit for the future, for the past 100 years

When our company was founded in 1922, it went by the name Oswald Niedecker Metallwarenfabrik. But much of what makes Poly-clip System successful and future-proof today was already being instilled in the factory run by Oswald Niedecker - see for yourself.

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Welcome to our 100th anniversary

We do not look back on our history as a nice memory, but rather as capital for promising future prospects. The desire for change and an openness to new things have always kept our company young.

Historic Drawing Oswald Niedecker Metallwarenfabrik 1922

The foundation for what makes Poly-clip System successful today was laid 100 years ago: 

  • a deep understanding of our customers' needs and the ability to offer suitable solutions. You can find out more here
  • Added to this are a pioneering spirit and innovations that are always far ahead of their time. Read more.  
  • And last but not least, the foresight of each generation to position the company so as well-equipped to deal with the challenges of the future. You can find out more about how seriously we take our social responsibility here

This mindset has always characterized our company. It spans the several generations of corporate management and staff. For, essentially, they are the company. And it's been this way since 1922.

"I'm glad we had the opportunity to work on something successful, long-term and positive. My wish is that the company would maintain its open attitude, that it would continue to look for new opportunities and always create better things for generations to come." Frank Niedecker, Owner
Frank Niedecker Poly-clip System Frank Niedecker, Owner
poly location gedern

With the openness of our culture and our fantastic employees, we create stability through change and constant innovation. This is how we have always kept our company young. 

See for yourself in moving pictures.

Our company milestones

Oswald Niedecker cubic transportation drawing 1922

A company founded during troubled times

Oswald Niedecker cubic transportation drawing 1922

It takes a lot of courage and a pioneering spirit to lay the foundation for a company in the immediate aftermath of the First World War. In 1922, Oswald Niedecker brought all these qualities with him, and his products were tailored to the precise needs of the time. 

  • Measuring tools for the metalworking industry are all about precision and quality. 
  • Niedecker's patented "Rekord" seals, made of sheet steel and aluminum, quickly became bestsellers. 
  • In the 1930s, the focus shifted to the automotive industry - for example, with innovative electric turn signals. 

Unfortunately, Oswald Niedecker passed away in 1948. His wife, Elisabeth, managed the up-and-coming company in the 1950s.

Numerous inventions and a revolution

Logotype poly clip product

In 1952, Herbert Niedecker took over the company. As a graduate engineer, he was responsible for numerous developments and innovations that lead to broad diversification: 

  • High-quality aircraft parts were produced in Gedern. 
  • The FBS Fixture Systems and 3P Service for NC Production divisions were established. 
  • But arguably the greatest success came in the form of a genuine revolution: the invention of the double clip system! Not only did this automate sausage production, it also marked the launch of a sustainable and efficient packaging solution - long before sustainability ever became a buzzword. 
  • In the same breath, the poly-clip trademark was protected in 1958. 

Our core competence took the world by storm

In 1990, a significant event overshadowed everything: German reunification, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. This was true for internationally operating companies in particular. 

  • With Frank Niedecker, a third generation took over the successful family business. 
  • The focus turned entirely to the Poly-clip System, which consequently became not only the product name, but also the company name from 1991. 
  • Now, with more than 800 patents, innovations began gaining momentum - especially for the meat processing industry. 
  • International sales stepped up, and an entire group of companies was created. 
  • In addition to Poly-clip System and the Process-Pack International trading firm, Promar, Günther Maschinenbau (mechanical engineering) and Podanfol were also added to the group. 
  • Following a merger with our aluminum supplier, GAD, Gutmann Aluminium Clip GmbH was formed. 
  • With the new headquarters in Hattersheim and the new clip production facility in Gedern, state-of-the-art production facilities were developed.
Poly-clip Hattersheim

Unser Standort in Hattersheim

At a crossroads of megatrends


Our modern age is determined largely by megatrends. For example, by globalization, health trends, neo-ecology, connectivity - influenced in particular by ever-present phenomonen that is digitalization. 

Poly-clip System has decided to help shape the change and fulfil its responsibility. 

And so, now in its fourth generation, the management consisting of Stefania Niedecker, Francesco Niedecker and Chiara Jankowski-Niedecker, is dedicating itself, alongside other objectives, to the digitalization of the company and to its sustainability strategy, which will bring with it numerous additional innovations.