ICA SL: Quality ‘like hand-filled’ – thanks to the swirl brake

With the ICA SL, the specialist machine for heavy sausage products, Poly-clip System has come up with another world first. With its new swirl brake, it has succeeded in simulating hand filling by the butcher with an automatic machine, a unique achievement worldwide. Continuous casing brake movement during filling results in an almost perfect sausage texture, consistently clear and grainy. Fat deposits on the casing are a thing of the past, smearing is prevented. In addition, this innovation in raw sausage manufacture may also cut production costs as a result of the shortened natural curing time, depending on the product and process.

The specialist for long, heavy sausage products and formed meat products in the calibre range 60 to 200 mm, this automatic machine reliably processes fibrous, collagen and plastic casings. For formed ham and similar products there is provision for air-free slack filling with an overspread unit of up to 260 mm.
Attention is drawn to the optional automatic looper GSA 25. It makes the ICA SL the specialist for heavy products such as mortadella in fibrous casing, which – thanks to the reliable holding force – can be cooked or matured while hanging on a loop. With the patented loop system, the loop is slung around the sausage tail either behind or, alternatively, in front the clip, and then it tightens automatically. Slinging the loop in this way reduces the load on the upper clip, which cannot then slip off. The result: no pencil pointing/bottleneck at the sausage tail – this means more slices per sausage, and thus a greater yield.

ICA SL – Automatic Double-Clipper – Automated "hand filling"

Faster, better looking, more efficient

Through the optimised sequences of movements of the clipping and looping cycle the new ICA SL achieves a 30% faster clipping speed than its predecessor. Two-handed triggering of the first clip ensures additional safety for the operator. Shirred casings can be processed on an automatic machine instead of pre-tied casings on a semi-automatic triple horn machine. As pre-tied casings generally need to be ‘rolled up’ prior to processing, the risk of contamination on the inside cannot be completely ruled out.
The servo-motor provides a powerful and wear-free drive, and the flexible PC control means that the ICA SL is well-positioned for the future. For ease of operation, this new automatic machine is equipped with the tried-and-tested SAFETY TOUCH, with a 10” display that is shockproof and easy to clean. With the aid of the recipe management, operating errors are practically eliminated, resulting in less rejects and interruptions. The individually assignable high-quality control panels, for inching mode for example, are a further operator-friendly feature. An optional extra is the WS Food Standard interface for operating data acquisition, which can be retrofitted at any time.

The patented IRIS separator for meat-free sausage ends guarantees careful portioning and produces short, symmetrical sausage shoulders, which ultimately result in more slices per sausage. The conveyor belt furthermore transports long products safely. Spots on the surface of the conveyor stabilize the belt and make it even more hygienic. Optional S-clips on the spool allow for the continuous production of 1,300 portions without reloading of clips.

The ICA SL satisfies the most stringent hygiene and safety requirements and the guidelines for food processing plants. The smooth surfaces and compact design prevent adhesion of sausage meat. Furthermore, the stainless steel which is used ensures durability and thus also maintenance of the investment value and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Poly-clip System is the worldwide leader in clip system solutions.

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