13 July 2017

ICA SL: Quality "like hand-filled" - thanks to whirl brake


Grease deposits on the intestine are a thing of the past, and smear effects are prevented. This innovation in raw sausage production can also reduce production costs through shorter maturing times.

Specialising in long, heavy bar-packed sausages and shaped products in the 60 to 200 mm calibre range, the machine reliably processes fibrous, collagen and plastic casings. For moulded ham and similar products, it is equipped with an overspread of up to 260 mm for air-free loose filling.
A special feature is the optional GSA 25 automatic credit loop machine, which makes the ICA SL the specialist for heavy products such as mortadella in fibrous casings, which are cooked or matured hanging on a loop with secure holding power. With the patented loop system, the loop is optionally looped around the sausage plait in front of or behind the clip and then tightens itself. With the principle of "looping the loop" the upper clip is relieved, it cannot "slip off".  The result: no bottle neck formation on the sausage plait - this means more slices per sausage, i.e. more yield.

Faster, better, more efficient

The new ICA SL achieves a 30% faster clip speed than its predecessor thanks to the optimised clip and loop cycle movements. The two-hand release of the 1st clip provides additional safety for the operator. Thanks to the use of shirred casings, there is no need to "roll up" the cut-off casings (triplets). Contaminations on the inside of the casings are no longer possible.

The servo motor ensures a powerful and wear-free drive. With the flexible PC control, the ICA SL is well positioned for the future. The new machine is equipped with the proven SAFETY TOUCH for easy machine operation. With a 10" display, which is unbreakable and easy to clean. Thanks to the recipe management, operating errors are practically eliminated, there are fewer production errors and interruptions. User-friendly are the individually assignable control panels of the 1st row, e.g. for jogging operation. The WS-Food Standard production data acquisition system is optional and can be retrofitted at any time.

The patented IRIS displacer for sausage ends free of meat ensures gentle portioning and produces short, symmetrical sausage shoulders. This ultimately results in more slices per sausage. The conveyor belt also transports long products safely. Embossing underneath stabilises the belt and also makes it more hygienic. Optional S-Clip on the spool enables continuous production of 1,300 portions without reloading the clip.

The ICA SL meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety and the guidelines in food processing companies. The smooth surfaces and compact design prevent sausage meat from sticking. The stainless steel used ensures a long service life and thus also preserves the value of the investment and an excellent price/performance ratio.

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