24 March 2023

Experience TSCA 160 at ECS trade fair 2023

TSCA 160

Poly-clip System at EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2023: TSCA 160 sealing/clipping machine with the patented DUO printer technology for sustainable cost reduction

One of the highlights from Poly-clip System at EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2023 was the TSCA 160 sealing/clipping machine with the innovative DUO printer technology. Not only does the new clipping system solution allow flexible two-colour product labelling, it also offers cost advantages compared to a conventional packaging line.

The TSCA 160 sealing/clipping machine processes roll-fed flat film into securely clipped, ready-to-fill tubular bags - the so-called clip-pak®. It can save over 90% packaging material compared to single-use cartridges and reduces packaging costs by about 30%. The sustainable and innovative clip-pak® packaging solution ensures a long shelf life and has been proven to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

At EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2023, with the DUO printer technology in the TSCA 160, Poly-clip System presented an innovation that allows position-controlled, two-colour printing of, for example, hazardous goods symbols. This results in one single print per portion in a defined print window. Automatic control of the printing position is implemented in the machine control system.

The technology eliminates the need for flat films preprinted with product-specific information or subsequent labelling. This enables film standardisation and reduces storage costs. An investment in a label printer and running costs incurred by labels can also be avoided. Uneven beads of sealant due to labels also become a thing of the past.

Thanks to the many advantages of the TSCA 160 with integrated DUO printer, packaging costs can be sustainably reduced. Compared with the costs for a packaging line with labelling system, the new packaging solution pays for itself in less than two years!


Poly-clip system receives PRIMAKLIMA seal of approval

Poly-clip System is the world’s largest provider of sustainable clip closure solutions and is known as the global market leader and hidden champion in this segment of the food and packaging industry. The group of companies operates 29 sales companies. In addition, there are sales partners in almost every country in the world. The clip closure solutions from Poly-clip System are a resounding success not only in the meat-processing industry and butcher trade, but also in many other sectors such as the chemical industry for example.

Poly-clip System has been awarded with the PRIMAKLIMA seal as a climate-neutral site since 2022 - for more information, click on the following link


Linda Halter works in marketing at Poly-clip System GmbH & Co.KG and is in charge of the trade fair presentation at ECS 2023 in Nuremberg as project manager.


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