16 May 2019

FCA 60 - simple for small calibres and snack products

FCA 60

The new FCA 60 double automatic clipper provides an easy and "clean" entry into the globally successful FCA clipper series. With maximum reduction to the essential core functions in the clipping process for small calibres, the new FCA 60 is convincing in the range from 18 to 80 mm. With up to 125 cycles per minute, the automatic machine with its expanding displacer produces a wide range - naturally with clean sausage braids and short sausage shoulders. To make it easier to enter the FCA class, the FCA 60 has successfully implemented the "simple before complex" concept to ensure maximum productivity with basic operation. It seals all fibrous casings up to 48 mm (depending on material thickness), collagen casings up to 65 mm and plastic casings up to calibre 80 mm. The new automatic machine processes the RI-D clip in sizes XS, S and M. It also demonstrates flexibility with the available 18, 26 and 30 mm spreaders.

Error prevention

The double clipper also offers simple error avoidance. The individual parameters of the system consisting of clipping machine, clip and die (RFID) are monitored for smooth production.

Moulded products by overspreading

The FCA 60 provides a "clean start" to the FCA range with even pleating of the casing and continuously sausage tails free of sausage meat due to the expansion displacer. The linear clip closure guarantees a symmetrical clip. The overspreading for air-free loose filling up to 100 mm total spread is already integrated in the standard version of the new FCA 60. Therefore, the new double-clip machine is also suitable for moulded products.

Simple before complex

The FCA 60 is robustly built from stainless steel. This means that it can withstand even extreme production environments, because for Poly-clip System, maximum reliability and long service life are important quality criteria. When setting up the new FCA 60 machine, users find it particularly easy to operate, as the operating elements for product-specific settings are clearly arranged: Counter for knife, loop, label and individual clip cut-off. It could hardly be simpler. The electronic handwheel supports the operator during setting and parameter adjustments. The FCA 60 is powerful and with a low noise level.
The speed of the conveyor belt is infinitely variable and thus ensures a product that is true to size. Casing reloading with a fixed clip head is ergonomic and saves time, the new brake assistant is used here, the two-hand release of the 1st clip is a self-evident safety feature. The merging of the lubrication points on a lubrication bar makes a positive contribution to maintaining the value of the investment.

Hygienic design for easy and simple cleaning

High-quality stainless steel and the compact design make it easy to clean the FCA 60. The large openings, flaps and smooth surfaces also increase easy access for cleaning. The new automatic clip machine meets the highest requirements for hygiene and safety and all guidelines in food processing companies.

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