13 July 2017

IFC Interface: Up to 10% higher output thanks to intelligent communication and synchronisation

IFC Interface

The list of advantages of the intelligent IFC interface is long. Higher process reliability is achieved by the automatic plausibility check of the setting values. This ensures a process-safe production start without bursting and the highest possible production speed, adapted to the product. The clip machine and the vacuum filler synchronise automatically. The interfaces are connected via Ethernet filler plugs and the special X46 filler cable. Product data from the automatic clip machine's SAFETY TOUCH are forwarded to the filler and checked there. Then the calculation data (filling/portion time) is sent back from the filler to the automatic clipper. The automatic clip machine calculates the basic data for a safe start, i.e. the portioning time is automatically determined on the basis of the displacement opening. This adjustment is also possible for small calibres produced at high speed, e.g. hotel portions. By integrating the new IFC Interface, the automatic clip machine and vacuum filler operate in a low-wear and thus machine-protecting continuous mode, as fast as possible depending on the product. In throughfeed mode, for example, the FCA 120 can produce up to a maximum calibre of 70 mm and the FCA 160 up to a maximum calibre of 100 mm. Reduced mechanical wear due to controlled overlapping portioning and clipping cycles instead of stop-and-go operation significantly increase output. Another positive effect: the noise level is also reduced.

Intelligent, simple and resource-saving operating concept

Thanks to the IFC interface, the line is now operated at only one display (filler and clipper) instead of two: product data is entered exclusively at the clipper. The memory location number or article/recipe number must be identical on both machines. The operator can control the output with only one parameter, the filler start time. As a result, the speed of the automatic clip machine is automatically adjusted. The line is controlled by only three product parameters: Filling quantity, filling speed and filling calibre. This simple operating concept using the IFC interface ensures that new products can be set up quickly and easily. The change-over is performed simultaneously and synchronised for the automatic clip machine and the filler.
For special functions, the parameters can also be set and saved directly at the vacuum filler.

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